Well, I know everyone has been waiting for me to repost. I am still here and up to my old tricks. I have been very busy with work and so forth, but I have kept the pants pissing to a maximum. HOT! This are pics from after getting home from class. I had to go real bad and when I walked in the door, I had to just let it go. HOT! I felt so good. So warm, wet, and relieving. Not too much to tell this time. I have been doing the same old thing. Just pissing my pants at work, school, parties, and then tonight at an art gallery. It felt so good. No one could tell, I do not think, but I was not too concerned with that. I had to go, and I just stood there looking at art and let it go. It felt so good. I do not have any pics, sadly from that event. I will post more pics later, I am sure. If you have any dares or requests for places or pants to piss in, please let me know. I am always up for a challenge. I am off work for a week and plan on experimenting in public a bit, so if you want me to do something to excite you, than tell me. HOT! Keep those pants soaked with piss and I will chat with you later.

A Wet 4th of July!!!

Well, it was a wet 4th July. Not wet as far as weather, but wet as far as my jeans. I went to a party on the 4th to hang with people and to celebrate the holiday. I was wearing a pair of my favorite jeans. I had been drinking and talking to this guy who was very interesting. I could not tell if he was gay or straight, but I think he was leaning towards the gay or bi category. He was hot. He was wearing some hot jeans as well. He had been drinking a lot too. A short time after the fireworks had ended we were still talking in the yard of this party. He looked at me and said, "Damn, I have got to piss so bad!" I just laughed and told him to piss his pants. I was hoping he would, but I did not think he really would. I knew my bladder was full and wanting to let go, but I was holding on. He then made this funny face and I heard this familiar sound. It was the sound of piss hitting the back of his jeans. I could hear him pissing himself. He stood in front of me and totally soaked his jeans with piss. Well, I could not resist a moment like this and just let go of my piss. He then looked from the crotch of his wet jeans and looked at mine. He could hear my piss hitting the back of jeans. He watched as I filled my jeans full of piss. He just stood there and watched with this glimmer in his eyes. When I had finished, he looked up at my face and I looked up at his. He asked me why I had just pissed my pants. I told him I did it because he had pissed his and I wanted to piss mine. I told him that I kinda liked it. He laughed. I then asked him why he pissed his jeans and he told me he did it because I told him too, and he kinda felt like doing it. I then laughed. We stood there and talked for awhile both of us wearing piss soaked jeans. Others at the party noticed what we had done, but they said nothing. They just looked and walked away. We spent the next several hours up until about 4 or 5 that morning talking while wearing pissed jeans. I noticed that he pissed his a couple more times, and I think he noticed I had pissed mine as well. It was a hot, wet 4th of July that I will never forget. I have another party here in a few weeks to go to, that he said he was going to be at. I hope he is and maybe there will be some more wet jeans fun for us. Keep those jeans wet!

Summer Wettness in my Jeans

Yes, I am still here.
I am so sorry I have been so long in updating my journal. I have been so busy. I have not been too busy to piss my jeans though. I have kept them pretty wet. I have some great stories to share. I hope you have some great stories of pissing in your pants also. I am always excited to hear new stories of my wet friends piss pants experiences. Please share with me. I love it.
I have had a few accidents over the past few months. Summer always wants me to keep my jeans soaking wet with piss. It is my favorite wet season of all time. I had some friends over at the first of June. We were sitting on the porch and I had to piss real bad. We had been drinking all night and the alcohol wanted to leave my body and leave it fast. I was just sitting there and decided to just let it go in my jeans. I was not thinking that I was surrounded by all my friends. I let it go. I sat there and flooded my jeans. My friends stopped talking and looked at me. They could hear the piss hitting the back of my jeans and then splattering on the floor below. I was amazed at their listening skills. I just sat there and laughed it off and blamed it on the amount of alcohol I had drank that evening. I think they fell for it, but I am not for sure. All worry aside, I had sat there and pissed my jeans in front of all my friends. It was amazing.
I was at the lake about 2 weeks ago. We had been partying it up and enjoying the warm weather. I had a few drinks and was feeling the need to piss real bad. I was sitting on the dock, with my legs swinging over the edge in my dark jeans. It was about 8:30 and was starting to get dark. I decided to just let it go. I pissed in my jeans. Right there on the dock. I let it all go. It was so hot. My jeans were so dark and with the darkness of the evening no one could tell. I loved it. I had pissed my jeans again in front of my friends, but this time, they could not tell. LOL I loved it! I partied the rest of the night with piss soaked jeans on. It was great.
I was at a wedding a few days ago and I was wearing one of my suits. I have pissed in them a few times while at work. I was at the reception when I felt the need to piss real bad. I was standing there among friends and family. I had to go bad. I wanted to go in my pants, so I just let it go. I pissed my pants while standing there. I just let it all go. I soaked my suit pants, shoes, and socks. I partied the rest of the night with piss soaked suit pants on. No one could tell. That is what I love about suit pants. They don't show wetness. It is great. I had pissed my pants and no one knew. I danced, drank, and partied all night with piss wet pants on.
Well, I hope that helps to make your wet day. I hope this inspires you to piss your jeans or pants in public. Best wishes and I hope you keep those jeans soaking wet with piss.

Spring Piss in Jeans

Well, I know I have been too long. Sorry about that. I feel bad that all of you out there have been waiting for more great stories and I have let you down. Please forgive. Work and so forth have kept me so busy that I have not had the time to post. I have had a few accidents though. Nothing can stop me from that. So here a couple of stories to occupy your time and hopefully inspire your wetness.
I went shopping with a friend a few weeks ago in a larger city about 150 miles away from here. We had spent the day driving there and running around the mall and trying on clothes and making purchases. I had already tried on several pairs of new jeans and had bought a few pairs along with some new shirts. I had gone to the food court to get some food and was feeling quite heavy in my bladder. I choose not to go in hopes that I could have some fun later. I went around shopping some more and buying some more great jeans to hopefully destroy with piss when I felt the urge to go really bad. I headed off to the bathroom and before I could even get to the door I started peeing in my jeans. I just let it go. I was walking the best I could and letting it go. I stepped into the bathroom and grabbed myself and yelled out, "Damn, I am pissing my pants!" and ran towards the urinal. I stood there at the urinal and just let it all go. I totally flooded my jeans all the way down to the floor where I left a huge puddle. Men standing around me were shocked at the sight of me standing there at the toilet and pissing all down the front of my jeans. What had started as a hope and accident had turned into a great pleasure. I had a lot of explaining to do with my friend, but he just laughed and made some jokes on the way home. I had pissed my jeans in front of several men and had to show myself to my friend. It was a great day. I got to wear my piss soaked jeans all the way home on my 2 hour drive. It was a great and wet day.
I recently was sitting in class. I am working on my second degree at night. There is a guy in one of my classes that always wears really dark jeans. He is kinda hot, but I love his dark jeans. In my mind I imagined him pissing his jeans several times. I had even pissed my jeans just a little while sitting in class and looking at his. Well, the other day, my wish came true. We were taking a big test. A final exam for the semester. Big stuff. I was taking the test and really trying to concentrate and not look at him. I just happened to look up to see who all was looking so I could let a little piss go in my jeans, when I noticed that guy holding himself with one hand while taking the test. I continued to watch out of the corner of my eye when I spied something great. I saw a puddle form in his chair and then saw and heard a dripping sound of water or piss hitting the floor. I watched as he pissed his pants. He looked as if he was scared to death. I do not think he did it on purpose. I think his nerves and so forth got the best of him and he lost control. I loved it. He was sitting there and pissing in his hot jeans. Several people looked up and noticed him with the sound of piss splattering on the floor. I was in heaven. I let some go in my jeans at the same time. I could not resist not doing it too. He just sat there and continued to take his test and hold himself for a few minutes before I saw him looking down at his wet jeans and looking like he was going to cry. I felt sorry for him, but at the same time, I wanted to get up and walk over there and grab his wet jeans. Very hot. I waited until he finished his test before I turned mine in. I watched him get up and walk up with piss soaked jeans on. You could not tell too bad, but you could tell that he pissed his pants. It was so hot. I loved it. I observed his every step up to the front to turn his test in all the way back to his seat. He gathered his stuff and was out the door. I was loving it. I then went up with my wet jeans, all though not as wet, and turned in my test and followed him slightly behind. I did not catch up with him to see, but I had sweet dreams of him pissing his jeans and leaving a huge puddle on the floor. I witnessed a true accident brought on my stress and testing. It was great. I hope I have a class with him next semester and that the test is hell so he will do it again. HOT!!!!!! To bad I did not catch up with him so he could see my piss soaked jeans as well.
Well, I hope that will do for now. I promise this summer I will post more. You can count on it. Warmer weather makes me want to warm up my jeans with some good piss. Keep those jeans soaked with piss and tell me what you think.

It's a new year and my jeans are still soaked with piss. :)

Hello fellow pants pissers! I know it has been awhile since I posted, but I do have some good stories to share. I have been very busy this year, but not too busy to piss in my pants. Here are a couple of stories that have happened over the past month.
On New Years Eve, I went to a party. It was packed with people and we were all having a good time and drinking way too much. About midnight I had to pee, but I thought I would hold it until I had to go really bad. I wanted to start off the New Year with me pissing in my jeans. I had on some designer jeans, dress shoes, and a really nice button up. My jeans were very dark denim, which only made it better. About 1am, people started leaving and the party was emptying out some. There were still a lot of people there, but not as many. I really had to piss by this point, because I had drank several glasses of wine and champagne. I decided I would go into the bathroom and let some out in my jeans to see how dark they got when wet. You could hardly tell they were wet and that was in the lights, it was dark out there. So I sat down on the toilet with my jeans on and fastened and just let the juices flow. I had to go so bad you could hear the warm piss hitting my jeans on the inside. It felt so good. It was wonderful letting that warm, wet, urine out into my dark denim jeans. My crotch and ass were soaked with piss. I stood up and went back out into the party. No one ever knew I had pissed my pants. It was great! I stayed for a couple of more hours and I went back in and pissed them again before I left. I Loved It!
At work this year they have gotten a little stricter with the dress code. Men are supposed to wear dress pants, slacks, nice khakis, or suit pants. I have been wearing mainly black dress pants and dark blue and black suits. I like the dark colors for a reason. I have been going into the private VIP bathrooms and sitting on the toilet and pissing in my pants. It is great. I and the toilet are the only ones that can tell I am pissing my pants. I love it. I sit all day at my desk in piss soaked dress pants. I have even been sitting at my desk with clients and let a little pee out into my pants. It feels great. I got a little too comfortable with my fun though. My leather chair started to stain a little, so I had to clean it real good. The other bad thing was that on Friday's we have jeans days. Of course I wear jeans on those days, because I love jeans. I was sitting at my desk right before lunch and I had not peed since I got up that morning. That was about 6 hours ago. I was just sitting there working as usual when I felt I just had to release it. Not thinking, I just sat there and let it all out and soaked my jeans, chair, and some on the carpet. It was not until I looked down after wards to see the glimmer of wetness on my dress pants before it faded quickly that I saw I had on jeans. OH SHIT!!!! I had just totally soaked my crotch and ass with warm piss. My jeans were soaked and no one in there right mind would not notice that I had pissed my pants. It was very obvious. I thought about doing the, Oh, shit! I spilled my coffee!, but I knew it would never work. It was lunch time. What was I going to do? I had to leave the building and I would be spotted by everyone I work with. I decided to have lunch sent up to my office, so that solved that problem. So I just sat there and ate my lunch at my desk and did not move from my seat until the end of the day. My jeans had dried most of the way except for my ass which the leather seat did not help in that drying process. I waited until the office cleared and then booked it to my car. By the time I got to my car I had to go pee again so bad I could not hold it and it felt like my bladder burst a few steps out of the elevator. I started pissing my jeans again, but this time on accident. I pissed in them all the way across the parking garage to my car. When I got to my car I was done peeing and my jeans, socks, shoes, and bottom of my shirt were soaked. As I was pulling out, I noticed a trail of wet piss spots going across the floor all the way to my parking spot. It was a very wet and interesting day. After I got home I was able to laugh about it and it really turned my on, so I kept pissing in those jeans all night long until I went to bed.

Party Piss

Well, fellow pants pissers get a load of this. I had a Christmas party a few nights ago and I decided to be really brave. I had on a pair of already pissed pants as I like to call them. They are jeans that are faded to keep the darkness of the jeans in the crotch area and faded around the thighs and so forth which give them an already pissed in look. I was at my party and having a good time when my bladder called for release. I decided to release it in my jeans. I just went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and pissed my jeans real good. You could not really tell because of the fading and the darkness of the house because of the Christmas lights. It was great. I pissed my jeans all night long. Every time I had to pee I just went to the bathroom and pissed in my jeans. It was the best Christmas Party I have ever thrown. Thirty some people mingling in my home with all of my Christmas decorations and me in my pissed in jeans. A couple of guests kept giving me strange looks when I would walk into a room, but I didn't care. I was proud to wear my pissed in jeans around the house. It was hot! I loved it so much I slept in my pissed in jeans. I wore them all night until the next morning when I pissed in them for the last time. I also went Christmas shopping the next Monday and wore some really dark jeans and pissed my jeans several times while shopping. My jeans were so dark you could hardly tell, but it felt great to be standing in line for shopping and wet jeans soaked with piss. I loved it. I was out shopping for about eight hours with piss soaked jeans. Everywhere I went I pissed my jeans just a little to keep them warm with piss. I love to piss my jeans. I feels so good. Well, I hope this brings some holiday spirit to your holiday and I wish you a Merry Wet Christmas and a Happy Wet New Year.

I pissed my pants in the middle of the street!

I was spending sometime with some friends and we had been hanging out about all night. We had several drinks and I was feeling good. I was not drunk, but I was feeling good. I was feeling the urge to piss, but I kept holding it. I was holding it for hours. I just kept having drinks and having a good time. Little did my friends know that I was saving my urine for my jeans. I had on a new pair of jeans and a new button up shirt. I had not broken the jeans in yet. I was looking forward to soaking them with my piss. It was about 1:00am when I decided that I could no longer hold my piss. I decided to let a little squirt out to feel the wetness. It was nice. I just could not wait to soak those jeans with my urine. I then talked myself into leaving. I said my goodbyes and left. I had to walk a ways to my car, because there is only street parking for my friends house. By the time I got to my car I could not hold it anymore. I started my car to let it warm up and went and stood in the street. It is not a busy street. A lot of homes and so forth. I just stood there hoping a car would approach soon and shine their headlights my way. The street was quite so I decided, how often do I have the chane to piss my pants in the middle of the street surrounding by lit homes. I just let it go. I felt it escaping me and hitting the back of my boxers and jeans. I felt my jeans soaking it up and it spreading down towards my knees. I just kept letting it go. It started spreading down both legs past my knees and towards the pavement. Just then headlights turned onto the street and shined directly on my jeans. I just froze. They approached and I stepped to the side and stood facing them while leaning against my car. They slowed and looked as the passed by. I know the saw and that they knew that I had pissed my pants. Their was a puddle on the pavement where I had been standing. It was so good. I was so happy. I hopped into my car and drove home. When I got home I was very happy and I had some alcohol piss that wanted to escape. I came into my house sat on the toilet with my jeans on and let it out and re-soaked my jeans again, but this time I soaked the ass of my jeans. It felt so good and warm. I loved it. I then went outside with my piss soaked jeans to walk my dog and then came in and passed out on my bed with my pissed soaked jeans still on. I awoke the next late morning with my damp jeans still on and the overwhelming smell of piss thick in the air. It was nice. I then got up and went and sat on the toilet and pissed my jeans again. It was so good. Pissing you pants is so cool! I love to piss my jeans. I can not stop! I love it so much.

Wet Jeans in Downtown

I have been really busy lately and not had the chance to piss my jeans very often, but here is a story of what happened this past weekend. I went downtown Saturday night to meet some friends for dinner and some drinks. I had several glasses of water with my meal and then had about four mixed drinks. By about 11:00 I had to pee really bad. I decided to hold it as long as I could. I was beginning to think that I was going to have an accident right there in the restaurant I had to go so bad. About an hour later I knew I could not hold it much longer and let a little piss out into my jeans. It was not a lot, but enough to make a golf ball size wet spot on my jeans. I stayed for about another hour while I continued to hold my pee in desperation. I then decided I could not hold it anymore and decided to say my goodbyes and I left. I had to walk quite a distance to my car because we where in downtown and there is not a lot of parking. I was walking when with the combination of the cold air and all the drinks I had, I could not hold it any longer. I stopped at a park bench and sat down and let it all go. I totally flooded my jeans! It felt so good and warm. There was even steam coming up from my jeans in the cold air. It was so great. There was a huge puddle underneath the bench with a river of piss flowing away from it and down the sidewalk. A couple of people passed by on the other side of the street while I was sitting there peeing in my jeans. A few cars drove by and also witnessed the accident. After I finished I stood up and continued my long walk to my car. I passed by a lot of people going to the car and I got a lot of strange looks and several comments after I had passed. It was great. I got to my car and started the drive towards home when I decided I would stop at a gas station and get a bottle of water. I went in with my piss soaked jeans on. It was very obvious what I had done. My crotch was completely soaked down to about 3 inches above my knee's and my ass was soaked too. The people in the gas station where giving several strange looks and the lady ringing up my water asked if I had an accident. I told her that I had been out with friends and did not make it the bathroom on time and had to go home. She just looked at me and gave a funny smile. I then drove home and wore my piss soaked jeans around the house until I went to bed. Well, I hope you like it and I hope to update soon.

Wet again in TN

Well, I have had some requests to update my journal, so for those of you that really enjoy it, here you go. A few years ago I was at a Halloween party of a friend of mine. I had gone as a ghoul and I had on a long black robe that went to the floor. I wore a pair of jeans on underneath. I wore jeans on purpose, so I could pee in my pants at the party. Well, about an hour into the party, I had to pee really bad. So I went into the bathroom pulled up my robe and sat on the toilet with my jeans on. I then let it flow in my jeans. I flooded my crotch and it flowed around to my ass and poured into the toilet like a river. It felt so good. I then pulled my robe down and walked out into the party. I continued to piss my pants the rest of the night. It was so much fun. No one knew I had pissed my pants. I even stood in the yard at one point and let it pour down my legs and fill my shoes with piss and puddle around my feet. It was so much fun to party with all of my friends and piss my pants at the same time. When I got home many hours later, my jeans were soaked from the waist to the bottom all down the front and back. There was barely a dry spot left on them. That was a wet and wild Halloween party.
About a year ago I was working late and really had to pee bad. I was one of the few people left in the building. I had on a pair of jeans and a button up shirt. I decided to piss my pants while sitting at my desk. I relaxed and let it go. I didn't just piss my jeans I drenched them. It felt so good. All wet and warm soaking into my jeans. I sat there for about another hour finishing some work. Right before I left I let some more go into my jeans and re wet them. They looked great! They got the real nice dark spot around the crotch and half way down my thighs. It was one of those perfect pants pisses. I loved it! I was walking out of the building when my boss came around the corner. She looked at me very strangely and then said,"Boy you are working late?" I just answered, "Yeah, I had some business to finish." She then asked if I had an accident. I told her that I had been trying to finish some things and thought I could hold it, but ended up pissing my pants because I held it too long. She just laughed and went on about her business. I then was feeling really brave after that brief but fun encounter. I then went to the grocery store with a big wet spot on the front of my jeans. I let some more piss out into my jeans before I went in. I was walking around getting some groceries with piss soaked jeans on. I got some really strange looks and a few people giggled and pointed at me. It felt great though. I loved it! Pissing in my jeans feels so good. Well, I hope you enjoy these latest stories and keep those pants soaking wet with piss.

Oops, I did it again!

I was in class again the other night and was a little bored while watching a movie on global warming and global dimming. I know, I should have been paying more attention to the video, but my bladder was screaming at me for release. The classroom was dark and the guy next to me, a friend of mine, had already seen me piss my jeans the week before. I decided to make things a little more interesting and just let some urine go into my jeans. When I released my bladder, it came out full force and you could hear the pee hitting the back of my button fly jeans. It was really loud. My classmate was turning around saying what is that sound. I just sat there. I did not let it all go, because I knew I would flood the room and that would be really noticeable. I just let enough go in my jeans to wet the crotch really well and soak between my legs and around to my ass. It felt so good. I loved it so much I had to let a little more go here and there for the rest of class. By the time class ended and it was time to go, I had completely soaked my jeans with piss. I had worn really dark jeans that night, so you could tell I pissed my pants, but not that much. I loved it. I waited for most of the class to exit, before I took my turn. I just walked right out with my head held high. I had quite a walk to my car and enjoyed the cool autumn breeze blowing against my wet jeans as my jeans squished as I walked. I was in heaven. Walking across campus at night with jeans soaked with piss. Several cars passing through campus got a glimpse of my wet pants as I wound my way through the wooded grounds. When I got to my car, I decided to just let it all go there at my car while standing in the parking lot. I flooded my jeans again, as it ran down my legs and made a puddle on the pavement. My shoes and socks also got drenched with my urine. It was a relief! I enjoyed those jeans for several hours afterwords at home until I had to go to bed. Peeing your jeans in public is such a high. You just have to try it sometime. You will be addicted and want to do it again and again.