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Yes, it is true! I had an "accident" today in public. Well, to be precise, I had 3 "accidents in public today. At about 4:00 today, I had to pee really bad. I decided to have some fun and go out in public and have an "accident" in my pants. I took a shower, got dressed, and headed out the door. Now, I had to go real bad. I am talking so bad, I thought I might pee any second and a few drops would come out here and there. First I went to the University Library to return some books. I knew if I didn't get there soon, I was going to pee in my pants in the car. When I get there the library is closed. As I am walking up to it there is a guy standing there looking at the closed sign and reading some announcements posted. I look at him with a arm full of books and say, "No, it can't be closed! I have to return these books today and I have to pee really bad and need a bathroom now!" He looked at me and said, "Well, there is a book drop over there, but no bathrooms are open on campus. They are closed for the next week in preparation for fall semester." I tell him thank you, and go put my books in the book drive. Walking back towards that same guy I decide this is the place to do it. I stopped in my tracks and started the flow in my jeans. I yelled out, "Oh, shit!". So, he would turn around and see me. I grabbed my crotch as urine darkened my jeans. He just looked at me in horror. I only let about 20 seconds of piss out, enough to let him know I had peed my pants. I looked at him and said, "Damn it, I pissed my pants!" He still had that shocked look on his face. I then walked past him not saying a word and got in my car. I still had to pee so I drove to a local store that sells furniture, cookware, home supplies, etc. I walk in and while walking around I am letting out spurts of urine into my jeans. I am not for sure if anyone did notice, but it was not that hard to tell that I had peed my pants. After doing that for about 5 minutes, I drive to a gas station to get something to drink. I had to load back up for my next pants wetting. While grabbing some water, I felt the urge to pee again, so I let it out. This time I let out a little too much. I left a small puddle on the floor under my shoes. The lady running the front, noticed my jeans when I walked up to pay and kept giving me strange looks. I then went home in my pee soaked jeans. It was so much fun! You just don't know unless you have tried it. I want to get caught, but I am too scared too. It really turns me on to do it in public. I might have to go back out and do it again tomorrow.

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That's awesome. I would never have the guts to do that.

Hey let's chat sometime

Hey, I was excited to see your response. I would love to chat sometime with you. I assume from your comments that you also like to pee in your pants. I would love to chat with you about it. I love to chat with new people about peeing in our pants. Exchanging stories is great also. You can email me at . I hope to hear from you soon.

Re: Hey let's chat sometime

Do you have a profile in I am brazil_piss. I *loved* your stories! I hope you can write more soon.

My email is sr.tiago(a)



oh if, while he read the story I have wet my pants and I have masturbated wet. my dick even hard and excited. um that well.

one drip, two drip, spirt here, i am flooding my jeans right now.

Very cool! I hope you soaked yourself!


It happened to me last week. Had to go while riding public transport. In front of me sitting a boy, somewhat 18 or 19 years. I watched his legs, the firm ass he was sitting on and I sighed something like " ooo no" and let it teasingly flow. He noticed, I blushed and continued. He looked more than interested and blushed also. I felt the warmth around my balls, thighs and the moist creeping into my behind. I stood up, slowly, and walked away. Outside I finished it, let the build up tension flow freely. It felt great and embarresed also. I just pushed a little and I felt so much more soft, warm and mess gliding into my briefs, between my buttocks. Good lord, what did I do, grown up, 36 years of age, and than this. I walked home, with slightly parted and wet legs and loved every step.

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