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Well, I know everyone has been waiting for me to repost. I am still here and up to my old tricks. I have been very busy with work and so forth, but I have kept the pants pissing to a maximum. HOT! This are pics from after getting home from class. I had to go real bad and when I walked in the door, I had to just let it go. HOT! I felt so good. So warm, wet, and relieving. Not too much to tell this time. I have been doing the same old thing. Just pissing my pants at work, school, parties, and then tonight at an art gallery. It felt so good. No one could tell, I do not think, but I was not too concerned with that. I had to go, and I just stood there looking at art and let it go. It felt so good. I do not have any pics, sadly from that event. I will post more pics later, I am sure. If you have any dares or requests for places or pants to piss in, please let me know. I am always up for a challenge. I am off work for a week and plan on experimenting in public a bit, so if you want me to do something to excite you, than tell me. HOT! Keep those pants soaked with piss and I will chat with you later.

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Damn ur so hot

Damn ur so hot; love ur pics and piss advenyures too. Wish I had the nerv to openly piss my jeans like you do! As for pics or new piss adventures for you to try; damn son just go for it anywhere and in any jeans you like!

Thanks for the great comments. I love doing it and I am not ashamed of it. So I pissed my pants. What is the big deal. LOL I love it and I do it whenever I feel the need to do it. Like this evening I pissed my jeans in class. I was in the back so I do not think anyone knew, but if they did, I don't care. LOL If you want to chat sometime you can find me on Yahoo Messenger as wetjeanstn. TTYL

so glad you are back! I have been waiting to read more wet jeans adventures, so keep writing! your pissing is hot and want to have to come to Orlando and get wet!

Thanks for the great comments. Yes, I would love to come to Orlando sometime and piss my pants with you. That would be HOT!!! If you want to chat sometime I am on Yahoo Messenger as wetjeanstn. Look me up sometime if you want to chat. Thanks again for the nice comments. I will try to keep the stories and pics a coming. TTYL

Re: Thanks!

hey Sebastian.....Yes, it would be fun for you to come to Orlando and do your thing! I will have to get my id going again for yahoo, but I am on AIM at princetongold.

I loved your pissing jeans with the guy at the party!

Hey there. I am not on AOL. If I was, I would love to chat with you sometime. If you do decide to get back on yahoo messenger, just add me on there as a friend and we can chat. Again my ID is wetjeanstn . Thanks for the compliments again. I loved pissing my pants at the party with that guy too. HOT! ttyl

I'll come to Orlando. I wear tight 33x34 jeans and go in them every day. Sometimes on Saturdays I have a "no bathroom day" and see how far into the day I go before I absolutely have to change my jeans (no washing--just peeling the jeans and briefs off andputting on some more.

i just found you and i love your wet adventures i also like to wet my pants sure would be nice to meet someone like you what great fun we would have. i also wear dark color pants so i can let go and not be so noticed. keep up the great stories and pixs

piss in jeans

Hello Jan

You have very nice pictures. Congratullation. I have the same passion and it's new for me to know that I'm not alone with this passion.

Do you know if there exist other pictures or videos / clips about this?

Thank you for an answer.

Roger /

Great report

It remembers me to an experience I had a few weeks ago. Alrhough I like pissing my pants, I dont like to wet the upholstery of my car. I was on my way home and i had very much urge to pee. I had to drive about 50 miles before i was home and the fine for pissing on a motorway stop is $ 100. So I tried to reach home without pissing. I managed, but when I left my car i could n't stop and let every rhing go.
Realy a great feeling.


i think you should go up to some realy cool guys and ask for a resroom and then just piss i still wish you were my dad

when i read your post i pee my pants.i get so horny peeing my pants.i masterbate after i pee my pants.

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