I was only 16!

I was only 16! This is not supposed to happen to people my age. It just does not happen. Guys my age just do not do that. I am dreaming. I know it. What can I do now?

These thoughts were running through my head as I realized what I had done. There was no turning back now. The damage was done. It was over with and I had done it now. How could I escape this one? I guess I should explain and start at the beginning...

It was an unusually warm Autumn evening. The rain had fallen softly, almost mist like for hours. Not enough to cancel the evenings events, but enough to make it damp. It was almost midnight and I was with him, that was all that mattered. Richard. Oh, how my heart ached for him. He was perfect in my eyes. His jeans fit him just perfect as his hot body stood before me that evening. In my mind, what a better evening this could have been. Little did I know, that it was about to get interesting.

Richard and I were great friends. He was way straight, and I was a closet case in love with my best friend. He was so good looking though. His body that evening in his tight jeans still haunt my memories. Oh, for him to hold me close and say and do the things that I had wished. How could I know that this evening would end like it did. I was with Richard, so did it all really matter? Or did it.

Richard and I were known for playing tricks on our parents. He was sleeping at my house and I at his, so we could spend the evening running around town and getting into whatever trouble we could. That night I was sleeping over at his home and he at mine. Our parents fell for it every time. We started the evening by chasing 2 beers down very quickly. For my young 16 year old body, that was a lot of beer. I was feeling quite buzzed and almost drunk, but I did not want him to know. I wanted to impress him, so I continued. I knew I should have gone to the bathroom, but I did not want to seem weak, so I held it. By the time the pain started, it had been hours and my beer and water drinking had taken control of my bladder.

Hours had passed since my first beer of the evening with Richard. I did not care for beer, but if Richard said for me to do it, I did out of infatuation of him. He was my best friend and the guy I wanted to be my first. He was so straight though and would never understand. So I did what he said to impress him. That was my weakness. By the time we got in line at the Haunted House I was in desperate need for a bathroom break. There was no bathroom to be seen though. It was mid October and very warm for that time of year. A light mist covered the late night air as we stood in line to be the next victims of the Halloween like festivities. I still remember the trees being ever so perfect in mid change from green to Autumn like colors with the slight crisp of winter being felt in the air to come. A wonderful time, but not for me. I was in pain. The beers I had drank along with the water I had to make the beer less active had not helped. I was getting desperate. I was now 40 to 50 people deep in line to a haunted house with the man that I called my best friend, but also wished privately that was my lover as well. How could I leave all of this to go stand in line for a bathroom break at a port-a-toilet? I could not. I must keep his attention. After all, this is our night of nights. My bladder can wait, I think...

We are now about 10 people from entering the Haunted House. My bladder at this time is past the point of pain and is starting to hurt and hurt bad. I keep getting waves of hurt and uncomfortableness. I am having a hard time not grabbing my penis and holding myself to keep from wetting my jeans. How did I get to this point in life? Oh, yes....Richard. How could I forget. I had it so bad for him. If he only knew. Now, my problem grew worse. I have to piss bad and I am about to enter a Haunted House where they are out to scare you. Not a good mix. Do I have time, NO!! The next 13 people are asked to enter the house. Richard and I are among them. My bladder must wait, as the swelling of it is now causing pain to my other organs. I feel I am seconds from pissing my pants, but I continue on to a what can not be a good situation just for him anyway.

We walk inside. The group leads itself through. Richard and I stay back a bit and I want to grab him out of fear of the surroundings, but also out of desire, but I know I can't. I must keep control of my bladder and not pissing myself right here and now. One scare after another, I am not impressed. Just another fake horror house that is not much to impress with. That is what I thought as I saw the exit sign and I saw the light of the street lights against the mist of the Autumn evening. And that is when it happened...

I thought I was safe. I could see the exit and my safety zone. I had made it through the Haunted House without letting my exploding bladder go in the fear of the house. That is when it happened. A man of some quite big height came up from behind me without a sound and suddenly grabbed me by the throat and put his chain saw up against my swollen body of piss and turned it on. It tickled my skin, but that was not what mattered. In the instant he grabbed me and let his chain saw go into action, everyone in front of me turned around as I let out a scream. They, including Richard, watched as the mad man pretended to hack me up. It was at that moment of surprise that I totally could not hold any longer. Yes, I let go. They all turned around just in time to see my jeans grown ever darker with the wettness of my piss. Richard was watching in amazement as my jeans grew darker and darker in front of him. The relief was out of this world, but doing it in front of him. I was mortified. I just stood there pissing my pants, full on. They all saw it. It was all out now.

I had done it now. I had full on pissed my pants out of fear and holding too long in front of 12 other people and one of them being the guy that held my heart as my best friend and the guy that I wished would be my first sexual partner. I knew he was straight though, but that did not help my situation. I had just pissed my pants. I saw some people watch in amazement as I drained my liquids into my denim. He however seemed to watch in amazement. He then walked towards me, punched the stupid ass guy that grabbed me in the face, grabbed my hand and ran out pulling me and my wet jeans behind him. We made it to the car in seconds as he quickly pulled out and speed down the road. It was then that he spoke for the first time since I had relieved myself in my jeans. He asked if I was OK. I then told him yes, but I was very wet and very embarrassed. He then chuckled and said it would all be OK.

We spent the rest of the long evening talking and hanging out just he and I. My jeans were wet until way into the early morning of the new day. He never brought up my wet jeans or the fact that he had witnessed me peeing my pants. He was nice like that. We just talked about life, love, school, and so forth. He never once made a joke at my expense. It was then that I knew, that he was very aware of my love for him, but that he was not interested in being anything more than a friend. He had been so sensitive to my needs and was so understanding. It was a bonding experience beyond belief. It was then that I knew that he would always be a big part of my heart, but never more than a friend. It took me pissing my jeans in front of him to realize that, but that is life sometimes. I have not seen Richard since 1994. I still to this day wonder what became of him and his life. Had he remembered that night just as well as I had. Was he still the same guy? All I know is he loved me in a way that most friends would not. He took my pain and turned it into an adventure at 16 that I will never forget, wet pants and all.

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Hello there fellow pants pissers. I hope all are well and all are wet. I have decided to do something a little different here. I also post stories and stuff on experienceproject.com. I have decided to post some of my favorites on here for my livejournal buds to read. I hope you enjoy. I will also include some pics from a wetting I had this weekend. ENJOY!!

OK, I must say, that I was a teenager when I found more joy into wetting my pants. I actually started as a child, but it did not take on full effect until I was a teen. I had been peeing in my pants since I was 6 years old. I had done it in public, school, at home, and more for a couple of years after that. Then I had to start hiding it and just having a rare accident so as not to get into to much trouble at home. I guess my first teen accident would have been in 7th grade. No one knew though. My class had gone to Dollywood, a nearby amusement park, for a class trip. I had worn jeans that day because it was supposed to be cool with a temperature of about 65 degrees. Some friends of mine had wanted to go on the River Rampage ride. We all got soaking wet. My jeans were wet from front to back. It was then that a friend of mine made the comment that she always was tempted to pee in her pants when she got wet like that. That is when it hit me. I can pee in my pants and no one will ever know. I did have to pee. Not bad, but I did. So I went and sat down at a nearby bench while they went into one of the shops. I sat there and released all of my pee into my pants. It felt great to do that. At first I don't think people passing by could tell. It was not until a huge pour of pee started pouring out of the ass of my jeans that people started to notice. I just kept letting it go. AH!!!!!!!!!!! It felt so good. When the final release had happened, I noticed my friends starting to exit the shop. I stood up quickly as the rest of my pee ran down my legs. One of my friends laughed and made a comment about how soaked I was and that I left a huge puddle there were I was sitting. I turned around to see a huge puddle underneath the bench I was sitting at. I can't beleive they fell for it. I peed my pants several more times that day. The weird thing was my pants started to dry everywhere except my crotch. No one ever caught on. POL I guess some people just do not understand. Piss those pants people. :)

I have always wanted to piss my pants, full on, in front of a complete stranger. I know some people have seen my pissed pants before, but I want to let it go and flood myself right in front of them. I hope to do that this summer. I have been talking to a fellow pants pisser and he and I are going to meet up this summer in a strange city and piss our pants. We are going to set up some public wettings that will rock. One that I hope to achieve is for he and I to go to a ballgame or concert. We will then go at halftime/intermission to the bathroom. There will be a huge long line. I will have to go really bad at that point. I am talking hurt bad. We will be standing there and I will look around at him and grab myself and tell him I have to go bad. I will be closing my legs together and telling him that I am about to piss my pants. He will laugh and tell me we are almost there. I will then tap on the guy in front of me, shoulder. I will ask him if I can get in front of him when we get closer because I am seconds from pissing in my pants. At that point, I look at him, and then back down at my crotch. I then release the pee full on. I close my legs together and grab my crotch as my piss soaks up my jeans. I look at the stranger and then my friend and say, "OH, SHIT, I am pissing in my pants!" Then several others look around as I stand there legs clasped together and pee pouring out my jeans and rushing down my legs and puddling on the floor. I just stand there with a look of embarrassment and shame on my face as I continue to flood my jeans with pee. NICE! I can not wait to do this. It has become a goal of mine. What a fun day that will be. A fun WET day for all to see. OOPS, I pissed my pants!!! :) Stay wet people!!

I have done it now! I have peed my pants while at school! What am I going to do?!?! OK, that is what was racing through my mind after it happened. I was in 8th grade. I was 14 years old. A little to old to have and accident and wet your pants. I did though. I had been into peeing my pants since I was 6. I had not had an accident in school since I was in the 4th grade. That was the last time I had full on pissed in my pants. Yes, again a little to old to do that, but I did. I did it all on purpose. I did it because I wanted to. In 4th grade I was sitting in class and had to go real bad. I did not want to get up and I wanted to pee in my pants. So I let it go. I let it all go. No one noticed for about 45 min after that. Then I just told the teacher I wanted to wear the same wet jeans and not to worry about making me change. She did not understand why I wanted that, and made me call my Mom and change. Well, back to the 8th grade. It was after lunch. I had to pee really bad. I was sitting in class and I wanted to pee in my pants. I really did. I was nervous though. I did not know if I could do it or not. I was about to bust. I then decided I could not do it. So I asked to go to the bathroom. As I was walking down the hall, I felt my pee move up towards the head of my penis. I was seconds from peeing. Instead of trying to hold it, I stopped in my tracks, relaxed and started the flow. GOD, it felt so good to just let it go in my pants. I then started walking very slowly and letting out long spurts of pee. I was totally soaking my jeans. I looked behind me and saw a trail of pee pouring out the bottom of my jeans and onto the hallway floor. I was almost at the bathroom when I noticed a few classmates coming out the gym and looking at me. The had seen me walking down the hall peeing in my pants and leaving my pee trail. The had noticed the accomplished smile on my face. I was rather embarrassed and had no idea what to say. I just walked past them and right into the office. I told the secretary that I had held it too long and on the way to the bathroom I peed in my pants. She was shocked and gave me the strangest look. I did not care though. I had wanted to pee in my pants and I had done it. I had soaked my jeans with pee while at school and had been seen by others. What a feeling! What a rush! I had done it. I had pissed in my pants while at school. I had done it. That has become one my favorite memories of 8th grade. I am sure others will never forget that day either.

Last night I went to a haunted corn maze with some friends. I had wanted to have a very public accident for quite some time and I thought what a better place. Just go with a full bladder and have the piss scared out of you. So, we all went to the maze. When it was our time to go in, my bladder was quite full. I had to pee pretty bad. We start in. The first scare came not 30 feet into the corn maze. Not being prepared for it, I actually did pee just a little on accident. I laughed as we walked away, because I actually did have a little pee scared out of me into my pants. So now I was preparing to let it all go. We walked on in the darkness. We had several more scares. None that were as great as I hoped. Then it happened. This creature popped out of the corn quietly. He snuck up behind us and as he turned on a tazzer to make that pop noise he grabbed a couple of us. I was one that he grabbed. I jumped out of my skin. I then just let it go. Full force! As I jumped away from him, I grabbed my crotch. I was totally filling my jeans with warm piss. I could feel it soaking through my jeans and running down my legs. My friends all looked around at me as I stood there holding myself soaking my jeans. They asked if I was OK, and I told them no (even though I was ok and loving it). I looked up and said I just peed in my pants. They all kinda looked at me and then giggled a bit. I took my hands away from my crotch and just stood there for a second. They all said, it's no big deal. We continued on our walk through the maze. I would let a little out here and there as we continued our haunted tour. At the end we came out and were greeted by a man that was boarding us back on the hayride for the start. I was then back in the lights and my wet jeans were really shining. He looked at me and asked if I had peed my pants. I told him yes and kinda laughed. He then told me I was the 7th person to pee their pants that night. He said that 4 women and 3 men, including me had peed their pants in the maze. I was really turned on by this. I was thinking, damn he must have a great job seeing 7+ pants wettings a night. That would be HOT! So as we exited the hay ride back at the start of the maze where everyone is gathered I get off and walk back into the crowd. People are pointing and looking at me. I see several of them looking and giggling. I just basked in my glory of wet jeans. I had done it. I had a public accident that was being witnessed by almost a hundred or so people. It was so great. Such a turn on! I had peed in my pants while with some friends and it had been seen by a lot of people. So if you want to have a public and fun accident, go to a haunted house, forest, corn maze, or whatever they have in your area. Go get the piss scared out of you and into your pants.

It's All On Tape!

Hello there my fellow pants pissers! Happy New Year to you all! I hope your new year as been full of great times and wet pants. I know mine has.

Well, it has been a wet year so far. Last weekend I had what I like to call a no toilet allowed weekend. It was a weekend of no pee in the toilet, only in my pants. It was GREAT! For 2 whole days I was not allowed to piss in the toilet. I just simply peed in my pants. It felt so good. I think I have done more laundry this week in the aftermath than I have in my whole life. LOL

To start, I was at work all alone on Friday early evening. I had to piss really bad. I had started my no toilet weekend at noon that day and I was needing to go bad. No one was in the building, so I sat down at my desk and just let it go. I totally flooded my jeans with piss. Not just a little pee, but I am talking a flood of piss in my jeans, a puddle of piss in the chair, and an ocean of piss on the floor. I think I pissed for about 10 min, or it seemed so. It was one of those, I have not peed in a long time and I really got to go and it feels so good to just let it go, but damn will it over stop, piss'. I was loving wearing my peed pants while cleaning up my mess on the chair and the floor. It was the start of a very exciting wet weekend.

Later on that Friday night I went to Wal-Mart with some black jeans on and totally soaked my jeans while standing in the home aisle. I left little puddles in several places. I hope nobody slipped and fell in my piss puddles. I was noticed however. I was standing in line to check out and this guy standing behind me asked me loudly if I had pissed my pants. I just looked at him and smiled and said, "No", and turned back around. He could totally tell. I know why now. At one point while squatting down to look at some things I let out a long stream of piss in my pants. Apparently, I soaked the ass of my jeans as well and he could tell when he was standing in line behind me. I wonder if he was checking me out, because why was he looking at my ass? LOL Too bad he was not in to pissing his pants. So I got busted just a bit.

Later on that night I went to go hang with some friends. I was coming home at about 3am when I could not hold it any longer. I thought about pissing myself while driving, but I decided against it. I did not want to have to clean the car. So I was about 1 mile from my house when I saw a gas station. I thought they would be closed, but I was not for sure. I pulled in and sure enough they were. I got out of the car, and luckily had my camera with me. I went and stood in front of the headlights, turned my camera on video, and pushed record and let it go. I totally let go. I was flooding my jeans which felt so good and warm considering it was about 21 degrees outside. Steam was rising up from my newly pee soaked jeans. As I was finishing pissing all down my legs and jeans, I looked up and saw 3 video cameras all pointed right at me and recording. LOL I felt my heart drop. I thought, "OH SHIT!". I then quickly stopped the piss flow, pressed stop on my camera, and hopped in my car. I was so busted. On the wet last mile of my drive home I kept thinking about my video being on the news the next day and them looking for the guy that had pissed his pants at the gas station the night before. Luckily that never happened. Thank God! If you want to see that video, just go to Xtube and look me up. I am under the same name.

This is just the beginning of my wet weekend. I hope you have enjoyed it. I started doing these no toilet weekends back in the day with Joeuser. I have not talked to him in a long time and I hope he reads this. It was a nice wet weekend and I thought of him. I enjoyed it so. Like I said, I think I wet more pairs of jeans this past weekend than I have in a whole week of accidents. I have put a couple of photo's from my no toilet weekend on here for your enjoyment. If you want to see the video than head on over to Xtube afterwards. It was a pisser of a weekend. LOL All puns intended. Take care and stay wet!!!!


Wet at Wal-Mart

Hello my fellow pants pissing friends. I know it has been a while since I posted last. I have been up to my usual tricks. Peeing in my jeans as much as possible. Mostly at home, but I did have a slight accident in public a few days ago. I had worked all day and was really needing to piss bad when I left work. I was holding it on purpose so I could explode with piss into my pants later on. I had to stop by the local Wal-Mart to get a few things. I was walking around with my shopping cart getting some food things and so forth, when the urge to pee was getting hard to hold back. So I decided to let a little go. It felt so good to just let like 2 seconds of piss loose in my jeans. It was hard to stop. So I continued to shop around. I was back in the area where the pet food is, when I noticed that no one was in the aisle with me. So I looked down and noticed that there was no wet spot on my jeans from the pee I had let go in my pants. So I decided I could let some more go and this time a little bit more. I was hurting bad to pee. So I released. AHH! 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds, OK, I had better stop. Stop! Ahhh! No, stop! 10 seconds. I grab my crotch with both hands and grip tightly as my knee's bend to help me stop the flow. I was full on wetting my pants in public. I was able to get it stopped, but barely. My crotch was soaked with piss. I am not talking a wet spot or two, I am talking my whole crotch was wet. Soaking and shiny wet. I am so turned on I can not stand it, but I am also in a slight panic also. My jeans are not very dark, and you could tell that I pissed in my pants from a mile away. I quickly get my shopping cart and head for the check out counter. I do not know if people can tell or not. I try to hide, it, but it is hard to do with such a HUGE wet spot. I make it out of Wal-Mart and to my car. I then get home, put my groceries away, and decide it is time to let the rest of my piss out into my jeans. AHHHHH! What a feeling! I am now soaked. Totally soaked! I love to piss in my jeans. NICE! Here a couple of photos of what my jeans looked like when I got home from Wal-Mart and then a couple after my second wetting in the them. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. I love to get comments. ;) Keep those jeans wet with piss!

Lee Jeans!

Ok. I know it has been awhile since I last posted. Nothing major has happened lately. Just the usual. An occasional accident here and there, but you have heard it all before. So this time, I thought I would post something a little different. A story of my past, that has come back to my present. As a small child starting school, I have many memories of the early 80's. Yes, I am really telling my age here. LOL Being a child of an upper class family I had more benefits than most kids my age. I remember my mother buying me the nicest clothes to wear for school. Back in the early 80's you either wore Levi's, Lee, or Wrangler jeans. The less fortunate kids wore jeans like Rustler or some other generic brand. I guess this can explain my fetish with designer jeans now. I remember being in 1st grade and wearing mainly Levi's jeans to school. I never had an accident in them that I can remember. My mother bought me a pair of Lee jeans not long after starting 1st grade. They were the really dark jeans as was the fashion of the time. The first time I wore those jeans to school, I peed in my pants while sitting in class. That was my first time that I remember. I never thought a lot about it, except that it was fun to wet my pants. About a week later, I wore those same Lee jeans to school again. While standing in gym class playing kickball, I pissed my pants while standing on 2nd base. I left a huge puddle on the gym floor. Instead of telling the gym teacher, I just kept on playing and spent the rest of the day in wet jeans. I kinda liked it. It was not until a few days later, that I was wearing those same Lee jeans at home that I had my third accident in them. I was playing with a friend in the basement and I pissed my pants again. We kinda laughed and I kept on playing for hours in my piss soaked jeans. It was after that, my little mind started thinking. It was only when I had my Lee jeans on that I pissed my pants. What was up with that? Being raised semi-European I was quite superstitious at a young age. I began to wonder if it was the jeans that made me pee my pants. My mother than went shopping again and bought me 2 new pairs of Lee jeans to go with my other pair. The first time I put those jeans on, I pissed my pants in them. Again I was at school and sitting in class and just flooded my Lee jeans and my seat. It started to become a pattern. Every time I wore a pair of my Lee jeans, I would piss my pants. This continued all the way through 2nd grade. Sometimes I just was too lazy and sometimes, it just happened. Now, I know what you are thinking. A second grader, being 8 years old should not be pissing his pants a couple of times a week. I did however. Every morning when my mother would lay out my school clothes, I would know that if my Lee jeans were laid out, that I would piss my pants that day. It always happened. Whether at school, in the gym, at church, or playing with friends, I would piss those Lee jeans. I started to notice it for sure at that point. Even when I started 3rd grade and my mother bought me some Lee jeans, everytime I wore them which was not often, I would piss my pants. That was the last time I remember having Lee jeans until I was in 8th grade. My mother bought me a pair for school. I had forgotten about the surpersition of peeing my pants everytime I wore Lee jeans. Well, the first time I wore those Lee jeans to school in 8th grade, guess what happened. I pissed my pants while walking to the bathroom. YIKES! I mean, I liked to pee in my pants, but I had not done it on purpose. I refused to wear the jeans to school again. I did however have some fun pissing my pants at home in them. They were my first pair of piss yourself on purpose pants. I remember my first horny piss was in them. So hot! So, it was not until about 2 weeks ago that all this came rushing back to me. All these memories came back to me. I was watching some TV when a commercial came on for the new Lee Jeans. I was intrigued. Me being a designer jeans whore, I had not had a pair of Lee's since I was a kid. So the next time I was in a department store in the Mall, I decided to try on a pair. The new style and boot-cut were not the same as I remember. The fit was good and I liked the color. And guess what happened. The first time I wore them out in public I pissed my pants. Is this a Lee jeans curse, or a strange fetish of mine with Lee jeans? I do not know. All I know is if I want to pee in my pants, all I have to do is wear my Lee jeans and it will be so. Every time I have worn them, either around the house or wherever, I have pissed in my pants. Whether on purpose or on accident. I kinda like it. I mean, I love to piss my pants, but if there is a curse on me that every time I slip into a new pair of Lee Jeans that I will piss my pants, than I will continue to wear them. So here are a couple of pics of my new wet Lee jeans. I hope you enjoyed the story of my childhood and my Lee jeans piss fetish. So I think I will go PEE in my LEE jeans. ;)

The Bar "Accident"

I was recently out at a local bar. I went out for the evening for some drinks and to see what was happening. I had been working all day and I had been too busy to go pee. After being at the bar for about an hour, I had to piss really bad. I had on some really dark jeans and I had never pissed in them before. I decided to hold it and see how long I could go until I pissed my pants. I was enjoying myself and talking to some new people when I saw him. There was this "HOT" guy sitting at the bar by himself having a drink and texting. I watched him for awhile to see if he talked to anyone. The whole time I watched him I was fighting my bladder to not release. I got up the guts to go talk to him. I quickly finished my drink and sat it down. I walked up to him and stood beside him at the bar. I ordered another drink and then looked over at him and said, "Hello". We started the general conversation while I sipped on my new drink. The whole time I was fighting hard not to loose my piss in my jeans. I had been standing there talking to him for about 10 minutes when it happened. I could not hold on any longer. I opened the flood gates in my jeans. Even though the bar was loud, I could hear the fast and sharp spray of piss hitting the inside of my jeans. He heard it too. He looked over at me and then down at my crotch and asked if I was pissing my pants. I looked down as my face turned red and said, "Yes". He sat there watching as my pants soaked up the piss and a huge puddle of piss was forming around my now wet flip flopped feet. I thought my new dark jeans would be dark enough to not show, but I was wrong. A million things were going through my mind. I was standing there pissing my pants in a crowded bar standing in front of this hot guy I had been talking too. What would he say? Would anyone notice? Would he still like me? Would he sit there and piss his hot jeans for me? I was so turned on, but mortified at the same time. After I finished relieving myself in my jeans he began to giggle at me. He asked me why I just pissed my pants. I told him I had been holding it too long and in my nervousness of talking to him, I relaxed after I found out he was a nice guy and interesting and I guess I relaxed too much and pissed my pants. He laughed again. I stood there in my puddle of piss and wet jeans for several more minutes and chatted with him. I noticed he was so hard he was about to burst out of his jeans. I do not know if it was the piss soaked jeans that I had on, me, his thoughts, or what. I was dying to ask, but refrained. We exchanged emails and phone numbers and I left with my piss soaked jeans on. He continued to sit there and have a few drinks. On the way home I laughed. I had just pissed in my jeans standing in a crowded bar while talking to the hottest guy in there. WHAT A TURN ON!! So here are 3 pics of me when I got home from the bar. Pretty noticable. In my dreams he went home and soaked his jeans thinking of me. I hope I get the chance to find out. :)

I Got Busted!

OK! So I know it has been forever since I lasted posted. Well, I have been very busy with work and school. Well, needless to say, I have been staying wet and having my wettings on a regular basis. Well, I got BUSTED! I was at a party recently. I had a few too many drinks to drink and I was feeling good. My bladder was getting very full as well. I had to pee really bad. We were all outside enjoying the warm weather and it was very dark. I had on some dark jeans and was not too afraid of pissing in my jeans. I was wrong. I was sitting outside on a wooden bench in the yard of a good friend of mine. I had to go bad and I decided to just let it go while sitting there. I figured in my head that no one would notice in the darkness and with the fact that any dripping of piss off my jeans would be hitting the grass and no one would know. I was WRONG! I sat there and let it go. The piss started flowing pretty heavily in my jeans. My friends sitting around me could hear the piss hitting the back of jeans it was so hard. The conversation stopped and silence took over the crowd to the sound of piss hitting the back of my jeans. I continued to let it go, because it felt so good. Then the dripping of my piss hitting the grass started. It was louder than I had figured in my mind. It was very loud in the silence. One of friends then said, what the hell is that noise. I sounds like water running and dripping. They then all looked at me. I just kept pissing. I totally let it all go. They knew it was me, so I thought at this point it was stupid to stop and I just continued to let it go. They all looked at me as the noise of piss hitting the back of my jeans the dripping continued. I just sat there pissing in my jeans and wondering what to say. They all continued to look at me. I finished pissing my pants and one of my friends looked at me and said, "Did you just piss yourself?" I told them in my embarrassment that I had. I covered it up with the fact that I had too much to drink. It worked for the most part. It was not until they offered a clean pair of jeans that were dry and I told them I would just wear the ones that I just pissed in. They then started to question my pissing my jeans. I just told them that I had to go so bad, that I could not hold it and I had pissed my pants. They all laughed and gave me a hard time about it. I had to stay pretty late for them to be assured that I was sober enough to drive home. I remained there the rest of the night with pissed in jeans on. It was so HOT! I loved it. Yes, I think most of them got the idea that I had done it on purpose, which I had, but they were not for sure. The fact that I wore the wet jeans the rest of the night only made things more clear. I peed a little here and there in them to keep them wet and feeling good for the rest of the night. I then drove home with soaked jeans on. It felt good though. I have been teased about it since then. Comments about me pissing my pants and so forth have come into conversation since then. A few comments had been made also about me doing it on purpose. If they only knew. I played it off as a drunken accident, but they all knew better. It was totally worth it though and felt so good. It may have opened new doors for me with my friends to piss my pants more often and blame it on too much alcohol. It just felt so great. So now all my friends know that I pissed my pants. No reason or excuse except that I just wanted too. Very hot and I can not wait to do it again. My jeans will stay soaked with piss while around them from now on. I was totally busted though. I got caught pissing my jeans. HOT though. It was nice to wear wet pants in front of them and them know it. I am planning my next accident with them very soon. Once the flood gates are open and they know, it will only make me want to piss my pants more often. Nice though.

2008 Brings More Wet Accidents

Yes, I know it was December since I posted last, but I am still here and I am still all wet. I have been staying wet as much possible since 2008 began. I guess my most exciting "accident" happened just the other night. It was Friday night and I had a bunch of my friends over. We partied late into the night. I had quite a few drinks and by about 12am, I was really needing to pee. I held on though in hopes that I would either have an accident or the house would clear out and I could have some alone wet time. Well, the house never emptied out. At 1am I still had house quests and from the amount of drinking that took place, it looked like they were going to stay around all night. I really had to piss at that point. I had even leaked a little bit and had a couple of wet spots. I was having trouble standing still and sitting in fear that my bladder would release right there in my pants. I continued to drink with all my quests as I fought my urge to pee. That is when it happened. I was sitting in a chair in the kitchen with some of my friends and my bladder let go. I mean let go! I flooded my jeans! My friends got really quite as they heard the sound of my piss hitting the back of my jeans. They looked at me, knowing that I have had accidents before. I just looked at them and then looked down at my crotch and watched as my jeans grew dark and shiny from the wetness. My piss soaked my crotch and ass. It started to pour off the chair and splash on the kitchen tile. My friends continued to just look at me and my crotch as the wetness grew and grew. The puddle kept growing as well. I must have pissed for what seemed like 10 minutes. By this point, there was no need trying to stop it and I just let it all go. We all kinda laughed it off. I did notice a couple of my friends saying that, "He pissed his pants again." It did not bother me though. They know that when we party a little to hard, I usually end the night with wet jeans. After I finished peeing in my jeans, I got up and cleaned the floor and mopped it. My friends stayed the rest of the night and when all had gone to bed, I finally changed out my wet jeans. A few of them had asked me why I did not change pants, and I just told them that I would keep wearing them in case I pissed myself again. These jeans were already wet so why wet another pair. It was just my excuse to wear my pissed jeans. I did piss them again after everyone had gone to bed. It was a hot WET night. I love pissing my pants in front of my friends. They get this deer caught in headlights look on their face and they never know what to say. They just kinda laugh and joke about it for a few minutes and then party on. So here is to more piss in my jeans in 2008. I hope your pants get soaked too. Stay wet.

Christmas party accident!

Well, it is that time of year again. Christmas means one of many things and one of those things is parties! I love to party with friends. I was attending a party this weekend that was happening. Tons of people and tons of alcohol. I had plenty to drink. Actually, to be honest, I had too much to drink. I felt the need to piss real bad. I held it though. I wanted to piss my jeans so bad I could not stand it. I held it for what seemed like forever. I was beginning to be in serious pain and I could not move to quickly without grabbing myself or clutching my toes. It was hard not to just let it go. I was having a drink with a few friends, when a few of them went out on to the porch to enjoy the unusually warm weather. I followed along in hopes that it would help me in my need to pee. I had a seat on a rocking chair on the hostess' front porch. We were just hanging out, chatting, and having a good time. That is when it happened. I could not hold on anymore. My bladder let go without me wanting it too. I sat there in the rocking chair and was totally soaking my jeans with piss. I had not intended to do it at the party and not so public either. I was wearing light colored jeans and I knew that if I did it at the party everyone would know. So, I was sitting there pissing my pants. I did not try to stop it because it felt so good to let it go in my jeans. I was loving it. No one seemed to notice for a few seconds, until the piss totally soaked my crotch and had made it's way around to my ass. It then begin to pour off my ass onto the rocking chair which was not solid. It began to splatter loudly on the floor. As I sat there emptying my bladder into my jeans, my friends on the porch turned around and looked at me and the noise that they heard. They saw me pissing my pants and watched as it soaked my jeans and was spilling onto the floor. It was loud and there was a lot of it. They looked stunned. I can not forget the look they had on their faces. They just watched as it formed a huge puddle on the porch and began to flow towards the front of porch and they stepped aside as not to get their shoes in it. I just sat there and continued to let it all go. I did not know whether to cry, laugh, or enjoy it like I was on the inside. I just looked up at them and said, "OH SHIT!" They just continued to watch as the piss poured out of the ass of my jeans and flooded the porch area. They began to giggle and bug me about it. I just sat there with this red faced sheepish look on my face. I just looked at them and told them that I had way too much drink and that I had an accident. They just kinda laughed at me and was giving me a hard time. Inside, I was secretly enjoying it. I was hard as hell and I do not know if they could tell or not. The noise on the porch brought more people onto the porch. I was like a movie star at the moment. Come look at the guy that just pissed himself on the porch. It became a joke as the night went on. The girlfriend of mine throwing the party had no clothes for me to change into, which I would not have wanted to anyway. I enjoyed the rest of the party with my piss soaked jeans on. There were jokes the rest of the evening, but I was loving being there in my piss soaked jeans. It was hot as hell. It was a Christmas party that I will not forget for a long time. Here are some pictures of me after I got home a few hours later. I wet a little bit more when I got home to warm them back up. They felt so good, I did not want to take them off. I enjoyed them all night until I went to bed.

Vacation Accidents

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted here last. I have been very busy with the end of semester exams and I took a little vacation right after Thanksgiving to relax and enjoy the warmer than usual weather. I had some fun though. On a hike up the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia where I was staying in a cabin for a few days I had some fun. I was on a mountain hike and was alone and had not seen anyone all day. It was a weekday and most people were working. I was the only on the trail. It was a warm day and the day time temps were close to 70 which is rare for November. I was taking full advantage of it. I had on some jeans and a t-shirt, while carrying my jacket. I was loving it. After hiking for a few hours, I really had to pee. So I decided that I would piss my jeans and continue my hike in my pissed in jeans. I sat down on a rock near the river and just let it go in my jeans. It was so hot and relaxing. It felt so good letting that warm piss fill up my jeans and soak them through. I was in wet jeans heaven. After sitting there for awhile and enjoying the view and my newly wet jeans, I decided I had better hit the trail again. I had hiked for about 30 minutes when I heard voices. It was group of young men hiking. I knew they would see my wet pants and wonder what happened. I was thinking quick on what to do or say. I had thought about hiding in the bushes, but I thought that would look weird if they spotted me. So I decided just to face them up front. I kept hiking and within a minute they were in sight. I saw them looking at me and looking at my wet pants. As we got close to each other, one of them spoke to me and asked me how I was doing. I told them I was good. I said nothing of my wet pants. One of the guys when they were next to me asked why my pants were wet. I told him that I was too busy hiking and pissed my pants. The guys just kinda chuckled and looked at each other. I noticed one of the guys staring at my crotch very intensely. I also observed that he seemed to be carrying a very hard penis. I could tell that he was turned on by what he saw. I wanted to talk to him and encourage him to piss his pants, but I thought that would be weird with everyone next to him. We chatted for a few minutes, while they all kinda looked at my wet jeans. I was completely turned on by it. I was loving it as a matter of fact. They did not know me and would never see me again probably, so I was living it up. When questioned again about my wet pants, I told them that I forget to go sometimes and hold it too long and end up pissing my pants. It just happens sometimes and that I don't mind it. Most of them were kinda turned off by it, but I could tell the silent guy with the hard on, really liked it and he was wishing he could piss his pants too. We said our goodbyes and I continued on my hike. I pissed my pants one more time while out there hiking, but I did not pass or see anyone else. I was hoping to run into that guy again, but I did not. I had a great relaxing and wet trip.