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What do you drink beforehand?


Hey there! So what did I drink beforehand. Well, I had held that one for awhile. I had a large iced tea at supper, about 2 glasses of water, and 4 glasses of wine. I was FULL! Talk about a nice explosion of wetness in my pants. NICE! Stay wet!

Now my pants look like yours. mmmmmm, feels soooooo gooooood! So wet! I can't stop rubbing my hard cock through my pissy pants.
I always wanted to pee my pants in high school and college but never had the nerve. :(

I am glad you enjoyed my stories. Always nice to get WET! You can still go visit a local college and pee in your pants. Just because you are not attending does not mean you can't visit and have a little "accident". :) Stay wet!!

I know I don't have to attend, but it lessens the humiliation of school wetting knowing I won't have to face everyone the next day. I thought I already replied to this reply. Maybe I didn't.
Oh, dammit, I peed my pants again. Third time today in these pants. I should probably take them off and wash them. Maybe tomorrow.

thanks for sharing these great stories with us! i especially love the stories of you from school! i cant wait to hear more! i also cant wait to hear about your future experiences (like peeing while waiting in line for the restroom). it will be great! hey feel free to email or im me sometime:

hay love the stories, try to do more. i have some memories about pissing myself. hay can you put more pics of your pissing jeans on here?

I really love the Journal...you're so freakin daring! Like you, I've been into pants wetting since I was a young child. However, unlike you, I've never had the courage to let go in public. It's always been a fantasy of mine, to just let go and soak my pants in front of a bunch of people.... but I've never come close. You've inspired me to try it sometime and lately I've been trying to think of places where I won't know anyone.

I did wonder, have you ever considered wetting denim overalls? I love overalls and really thought wetting them in public would be amazing. Since most guys (especially str8 guys) don't wear overalls that often, you'd already be bringing some attention to yourself. On top of that, overalls make an accident much more visible; nothing to cover it up..even partially!

Anyways, just wanted to say great work and I look forward to updates.

Thanks man!! I am glad you found me and all my wet pants adventures. I have fun. It is always nice to meet other people who share the same passion for peeing in their pants. I suggest for your first public 'accident', that you do it in a movie theater. You are in the dark, you can let it out and sit and enjoy during the whole movie with people all around you, then when you get up you can be really brave and just walk out like nothing happened with your big wet stain, or take a jacket and wrap around your waist and tie arms of it so they cover the front. I think that would help get you started. ;) That was my first public wetting that was not in school. I had never thought of the overalls. I am gay by they way, but I do have a pair of overalls. I have not worn them in years. I have peed in them and yes you are right, you can not hide that. :) Thanks for the message and I hope to hear more from you and your wet adventures.

Re: Love the Journal

I love wetting overalls too... I would love to see you wet your overalls.


Love your stories, even though I prefer reading about real accidents mostly. If it helps, I'm male, tallish, and not sure how to classify my sexuality. I don't quite have the courage to do the line thing (also, lack of availability of places where I'm sure no one who knows me will be there at any point curtails it.) However, one day when it was completely pouring rain, I did put on black pants, drink an insane amount of soda, and walk around until I couldn't hold it anymore. And did it again and again for a few hours. No one could tell. Of course, doing this weakens your bladder, it turns out (do it once in a while, you'll be okay. Make a lifelong habit of it, and the day will come when you won't have a choice anymore.) so by the end of the day, I was having incidents where I'd feel the need to go about twenty or so seconds before it was running down my legs. Awesome in retrospect, scary at the time.

And maybe you can wet yourself from excitement, because when going out into the rain to do this, just after leaving the house, I started to wet myself with no control despite not having felt the need to go until seconds before I was going, on myself in my front yard. I loved it.

My dream is to be stuck in traffic (or in a line... I'm so going to try your idea once I find a place where I'm sure to get away with it. Once letting go while in line, and once while pretending I can't get my pants down and peeing myself right at the urinal.) after too much soda and riding with someone who doesn't know about this but has a level head when it comes to the natural consequences of need to go and bathroom availability not coinciding. I'd go in my pants uncontrollably after struggling to hold it, and be embarrassed about it, and maybe get a comforting hug or two. Best case scenario, I get to hear a tale of when my friend went through something similar. No... that's good, but best case scenario: after a while, my friend can't hold it either. And we'd both share stories.

(I am totally disinterested in combining this with sex. Forget drinking it, or peeing on someone, I'll take situations like too much coffee and not enough time, or stuck buttons/zippers, or dreaming of going and waking up actually doing it - this one happens to me now and again - any day.)

Wish you lived near me. I'd gladly be the friend you told your need to, and then we'd switch roles next time.

Hey man!! Great idea's there. I hope that one day you find the courage to do what you want. I like the being out in the rain thing. NICE! I have never had a problem holding it after several wettings in a row though. It does not matter what your sexual preference is. I am a cool guy. I am gay, but I love having friends that are diverse. Mixing sex and peeing in my pants, is something new for me. I will honest. I get very turned on when I do pee my pants. I can not explain it. I really don't want other pee on me though. I just want to see another man do it in front of me and then maybe something happen after. LOL I know that was probably too much info. I don't drink it either. I think it would be cool if you did live closer and we could hang out and pee our pants. That would rock! Stay wet!!

Yeah... difficulty holding it is more from strain, after you've held it to the point of agony over and over and over... think of the worst you've ever had to go and imagine literally spending most of the day in that condition. Any muscle can be overworked, right?

You should try some of those scenarios. Y'know, instead of just letting it go, have a Double Gulp, go somewhere with limited bathroom availability, hold it as long as you can, and where and when it happens, it happens. Maybe ask someone where a bathroom is just as you know you can't hold it anymore...

Of course, we would all love to hear the results. :) And I'll be sure and report if and when I get a place to do this.

My god! When i look at ur pics and read ur storied i feel the need to piss and my cock goes fukin big.
Wot is ur fav moment from ur pissing ur pants in school time?
K postbak soon,
i gotta go and piss... OOPS! i lost it..... now my undies r all wet! yeah!
From... Mike...

Thanks Mike!! Your comment rocks! I love a man that just can't hold it and soaks his pants with pee. NICE! Too bad I was not there to see it. ;) Stay wet!


i used to feel dumb loveing the feeling of peeing and getting so turned on so i stopped and just peed in my room but im to embarrased to do it in public so i give u props

kk nice

Did you ever get into trouble with your parents?

I really enjoy your numerous stories. Though I have a question regarding your "accidents" at school. Did you ever get into trouble with your parents - particularly when you were older - like in the 8th grade?

I enjoyed peeing my pants some when I was in elementary school, though I really got hooked when I was around 13. I remember one year when I was in the 4th grade, there was a fall carnival at my school one Friday evening. It was really pretty neat, as they had a professional carnival operator set up some rides and various booths right on our school grounds. You had to buy a ticket to get in - and I think it was a very nominal price. Anyway my mom and dad took me to the carnival and I remember while waiting to get on one of the rides I saw one of my classmates had peed his jeans. Not a whole lot, but a nice patch in the front around 4 or 5 inches in diameter. I just thought it was SOO COOL! And for some reason I almost instantly developed irresistable urge to do the same thing, so I did. My folks never did comment on my little "accident" but I'm guessing they felt sorry for me or something - peeing my pants due to the excitement or not wanting to get out of line to go to the bathroom or whatever. But I never did get up the nerve to pee my pants again at school.

The year I started 8th grade, my mom took me shopping for new school clothes just before school started. I got a few new shirts and a couple of pairs of new jeans among other things. We lived on a farm at that time, and out in back of the house we had one of those propane tanks for cooking and heating fuel. That evening after supper I put on my new jeans just for the fun of it and went outside. I wound up sitting astride the propane tank - kind of like on horseback, just enjoying the warm evening and watching the traffic out on the highway go by. My parents and sisters were inside - watching some stupid TV show or something (I never cared much for most TV even as a kid.) As I sat there watching the world go by, the urge to pee hit me - probably owing to the several glasses of iced tea I had at dinner. I ignored it at first, but it soon became stronger and stronger. Then the thought struck me. What fun to just sit there and pee in my brand new Levis! But I thought I should make a game of it and not just let go, but try to see how long I could last before peeing my pants. So that's what I did. About 35 or 40 minutes went by when the iced tea had really drained through and I felt like bursting, so let go. Pee squirted out between the buttons of the fly and ran down the outside of my crotch as well as making a strong hissing sound as it hit the inside of the stiff new denium! What joy! I peed probably for a full minute! Then I just sat there enjoying my pee soaked new jeans for a while. Finally I went in the house. Luckly for me my room was right next to the rather large service porch on the back of the house, so I just went in though the service porch door like I usually did and straight into my room where I eventually changed back into my older "play" jeans.


Re: Did you ever get into trouble with your parents?

Hey Charlie!! That was a GREAT story that you shared from you childhood. I can relate. I remember seeing other kids with piss soaked jeans and doing all I could to soak mine. I never had that much problem soaking mine. LOL It is always nice to meet a fellow pant's pisser. You should open up a journal on here. Your story had depth and interest. I enjoyed it. NICE. I must say it was quite a turn on. Love to hear wet stories. Stay wet and hope to hear from you soon.


i absoulty love peeing in my pants but i dont like to let anyone know this so what can i do well going to pee in my pants now.. opps spoke to soon all well i am reallly horny i love whearing pissed in jeans

NICE!! Piss those pants! I know nothing feels better than releasing that built up pressure of piss into your jeans. NICE!! Get WET!

i've done it like you

the other day I was sitting at school and I was in the urge to pee. i have pee my pants at home but never in public. i thought in the possibility to let all my piss go in my pants. I'm in 7th grade. I wasn´t sure. I told my best friend i had to pee and he laughed. He says me to pee in my pants and I thought he was joking.
I waited another five minutes and he said me: look at my pants. He was pissing his pants and I couldn´t resist more. I let it all go in my jeans and felt really good. No one notice so that was freat, but it was time to go out. We wait untill all people went out and we laughed so hard. I was thinking what to tall to my mum when i got home because it was imposible to hide those wet pants. So my friend told me i could go to his house and ghange my pants because was nobody there. I did that. When we got the bus, people looked at us like to a strange people and I had lots of fun. i have already enjoyed all of your histories. keep wet

what's your last name?


i dont know if youd read other coments but i posted one that said you were my hero well your even more awsum now i wish you were my dad or something


i think you should wear just adiaper to the next pary and say you have everything undear control then get a friend to cang you and i mean adult diaper


i am your bigest fan i wish you were my dad even though i am only 11 you are my idol i am your bigest fan

WOW! Thanks man! Thank you for all the GREAT comments! It is always nice to hear from a fan. I am glad that you enjoy the same. Many best wishes to you and our shared hobby. Enjoy it!!


i cant beleve you wrote back i just flooded my jeans ps cheak all of your messeg bords i messeged on them to my subject is always hero oh i just doble pissed trple ok i am trying to say you are my idol i would do anything to meet you


give me your email and i will email you mine i swear ok


i wear tighty whities is that ok and i cant cant tell when i start piss does that mean i cant controll my blader and whats your name

Re: hero

wetjeanstn, you are my hero too. Regards from Brazil.


Thanks peepantsx. I think we are friends on experienceproject. Thanks for the great comment. ;) Much love to you and soak your jeans.

How do u hide your soaked underwear?

How do you hide your soaked underwear? I am thinking of wear 3-6 pairs of pants when i pee my pant. Where should o hide rhem and how should i get them into the wash

Re: How do u hide your soaked underwear?

I don't hide my boxers. I just throw them in the washer right after. Just start doing your own laundry and that should solve most of your problem. I think. Good luck!!

leave us more pictures like that last sequence, please!

LOL, thanks!! I will try to leave some more soon. Promise!!


you are so funny dude


i love peeing in my jodhpurs coz they are skin tight and stretchy and when i rub my cock it just gushes round every where and feels so nice and warm.

Re: wetter

I love wetting my self too and I too wear tight jodhpurs and let it all gush round my cock i just love the warmth and wettnes when they cling when i walk

Why do you pee your pants? Just wondering?

Re: Y

Its pee my pants on accdent im 16 my names nathan

how cool i have never heard a man pee stories ... i have been turned on by peeing pants since teen years love to read your stories such a turn on nice to hear guy stories lots of women stories out there not so much on the male side keep peeing i know i will


I need to pee really bad right now!!!!I am supposed to be sleeping!!!!oh jesus god help me what do I do???

I peed my pants while i was wating for the bath roomi always pee my pants its really warm when that happens i suck my thumb like a babay to i call my self one im just like one its nathan atwell

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