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It's All On Tape!
Hello there my fellow pants pissers! Happy New Year to you all! I hope your new year as been full of great times and wet pants. I know mine has.

Well, it has been a wet year so far. Last weekend I had what I like to call a no toilet allowed weekend. It was a weekend of no pee in the toilet, only in my pants. It was GREAT! For 2 whole days I was not allowed to piss in the toilet. I just simply peed in my pants. It felt so good. I think I have done more laundry this week in the aftermath than I have in my whole life. LOL

To start, I was at work all alone on Friday early evening. I had to piss really bad. I had started my no toilet weekend at noon that day and I was needing to go bad. No one was in the building, so I sat down at my desk and just let it go. I totally flooded my jeans with piss. Not just a little pee, but I am talking a flood of piss in my jeans, a puddle of piss in the chair, and an ocean of piss on the floor. I think I pissed for about 10 min, or it seemed so. It was one of those, I have not peed in a long time and I really got to go and it feels so good to just let it go, but damn will it over stop, piss'. I was loving wearing my peed pants while cleaning up my mess on the chair and the floor. It was the start of a very exciting wet weekend.

Later on that Friday night I went to Wal-Mart with some black jeans on and totally soaked my jeans while standing in the home aisle. I left little puddles in several places. I hope nobody slipped and fell in my piss puddles. I was noticed however. I was standing in line to check out and this guy standing behind me asked me loudly if I had pissed my pants. I just looked at him and smiled and said, "No", and turned back around. He could totally tell. I know why now. At one point while squatting down to look at some things I let out a long stream of piss in my pants. Apparently, I soaked the ass of my jeans as well and he could tell when he was standing in line behind me. I wonder if he was checking me out, because why was he looking at my ass? LOL Too bad he was not in to pissing his pants. So I got busted just a bit.

Later on that night I went to go hang with some friends. I was coming home at about 3am when I could not hold it any longer. I thought about pissing myself while driving, but I decided against it. I did not want to have to clean the car. So I was about 1 mile from my house when I saw a gas station. I thought they would be closed, but I was not for sure. I pulled in and sure enough they were. I got out of the car, and luckily had my camera with me. I went and stood in front of the headlights, turned my camera on video, and pushed record and let it go. I totally let go. I was flooding my jeans which felt so good and warm considering it was about 21 degrees outside. Steam was rising up from my newly pee soaked jeans. As I was finishing pissing all down my legs and jeans, I looked up and saw 3 video cameras all pointed right at me and recording. LOL I felt my heart drop. I thought, "OH SHIT!". I then quickly stopped the piss flow, pressed stop on my camera, and hopped in my car. I was so busted. On the wet last mile of my drive home I kept thinking about my video being on the news the next day and them looking for the guy that had pissed his pants at the gas station the night before. Luckily that never happened. Thank God! If you want to see that video, just go to Xtube and look me up. I am under the same name.

This is just the beginning of my wet weekend. I hope you have enjoyed it. I started doing these no toilet weekends back in the day with Joeuser. I have not talked to him in a long time and I hope he reads this. It was a nice wet weekend and I thought of him. I enjoyed it so. Like I said, I think I wet more pairs of jeans this past weekend than I have in a whole week of accidents. I have put a couple of photo's from my no toilet weekend on here for your enjoyment. If you want to see the video than head on over to Xtube afterwards. It was a pisser of a weekend. LOL All puns intended. Take care and stay wet!!!!


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Wow! Those shiny ones are worth a million.

Thanks, they felt like a million as well. That was a fun night! Very wet and very fun!

(Deleted comment)
Hey there JOE!! It is about time you started hanging around here again. Thanks for the comment. Yes, you need to shop at Wal-Mart more with a full bladder. NICE! You should try it. I hope to see more of you around here. Stay wet!!


I think that's really cool...I wet my jeans/shorts/skirts quite often due to my small bladder. I love it!

That is cool. Thanks for sharing. My bladder is not small, but I do have my "accidents" and I love it too. Stay wet!

DAMN HOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Much appreciated! ;)

love the pictures. now i need to piss.

I just pissed my pants. Hay your right. pissing my jeans feels good and i look hot with wet jeans on.

hi Isee that you like peeing in your pants I do too and all over the place Is that cool

wet weekend

dominic drumm here the kid who does piss pants games blad dash and drnk tl u pss. I want you to make a movie for me. and poste it to your page the result 3 to 6 more fans bear in mined that other viewers will who look at you page will tell there friends that could lead to 50 new fans. here is what it should be about. You do a wet week every were you go you pee your pants in your litest jeans and you have a friend who does it with you all week. i sugest using a high def cam cordor ( best on the market) and a tripod stand every were you go atleast have two people helping you with this make movie an hour or 10 min less. send to your page and i will keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep pissinggggggg..... in my pants


Where did you post the videos

peeing in his pants

What is your name on Xtube?

Re: peeing in his pants

The same, wetjeanstn .

Ahhhhhhh the piss pouring down my legs try to' just dry ur Pisa pants put em on and do it again!

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