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Wow! Those shiny ones are worth a million.

Thanks, they felt like a million as well. That was a fun night! Very wet and very fun!

(Deleted comment)
Hey there JOE!! It is about time you started hanging around here again. Thanks for the comment. Yes, you need to shop at Wal-Mart more with a full bladder. NICE! You should try it. I hope to see more of you around here. Stay wet!!


I think that's really cool...I wet my jeans/shorts/skirts quite often due to my small bladder. I love it!

That is cool. Thanks for sharing. My bladder is not small, but I do have my "accidents" and I love it too. Stay wet!

DAMN HOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Much appreciated! ;)

love the pictures. now i need to piss.

I just pissed my pants. Hay your right. pissing my jeans feels good and i look hot with wet jeans on.

hi Isee that you like peeing in your pants I do too and all over the place Is that cool

wet weekend

dominic drumm here the kid who does piss pants games blad dash and drnk tl u pss. I want you to make a movie for me. and poste it to your page the result 3 to 6 more fans bear in mined that other viewers will who look at you page will tell there friends that could lead to 50 new fans. here is what it should be about. You do a wet week every were you go you pee your pants in your litest jeans and you have a friend who does it with you all week. i sugest using a high def cam cordor ( best on the market) and a tripod stand every were you go atleast have two people helping you with this make movie an hour or 10 min less. send to your page and i will keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep pissinggggggg..... in my pants


Where did you post the videos

peeing in his pants

What is your name on Xtube?

Re: peeing in his pants

The same, wetjeanstn .

Ahhhhhhh the piss pouring down my legs try to' just dry ur Pisa pants put em on and do it again!

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