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Wet at Wal-Mart
Hello my fellow pants pissing friends. I know it has been a while since I posted last. I have been up to my usual tricks. Peeing in my jeans as much as possible. Mostly at home, but I did have a slight accident in public a few days ago. I had worked all day and was really needing to piss bad when I left work. I was holding it on purpose so I could explode with piss into my pants later on. I had to stop by the local Wal-Mart to get a few things. I was walking around with my shopping cart getting some food things and so forth, when the urge to pee was getting hard to hold back. So I decided to let a little go. It felt so good to just let like 2 seconds of piss loose in my jeans. It was hard to stop. So I continued to shop around. I was back in the area where the pet food is, when I noticed that no one was in the aisle with me. So I looked down and noticed that there was no wet spot on my jeans from the pee I had let go in my pants. So I decided I could let some more go and this time a little bit more. I was hurting bad to pee. So I released. AHH! 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds, OK, I had better stop. Stop! Ahhh! No, stop! 10 seconds. I grab my crotch with both hands and grip tightly as my knee's bend to help me stop the flow. I was full on wetting my pants in public. I was able to get it stopped, but barely. My crotch was soaked with piss. I am not talking a wet spot or two, I am talking my whole crotch was wet. Soaking and shiny wet. I am so turned on I can not stand it, but I am also in a slight panic also. My jeans are not very dark, and you could tell that I pissed in my pants from a mile away. I quickly get my shopping cart and head for the check out counter. I do not know if people can tell or not. I try to hide, it, but it is hard to do with such a HUGE wet spot. I make it out of Wal-Mart and to my car. I then get home, put my groceries away, and decide it is time to let the rest of my piss out into my jeans. AHHHHH! What a feeling! I am now soaked. Totally soaked! I love to piss in my jeans. NICE! Here a couple of photos of what my jeans looked like when I got home from Wal-Mart and then a couple after my second wetting in the them. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. I love to get comments. ;) Keep those jeans wet with piss!

Reminds me of my accident in Home Depot


2008-12-17 05:56 pm (UTC)

This past summer I was at a Home Depot store stocking up on lots of building materials for my remote ranch. It is a 135 mile one way drive from my place to the nearest Home Depot so I left very early and ate breakfast at a small town restaurant about 20 miles from home. Because it was mid July and pretty hot, I added a few Cokes to the 3 or 4 cups of coffee I had at breakfast. Before getting to the interstate, which is another 50 miles beyond the restaurant, I did stop for relief in the bushes along the roadside. But after reaching the interstate, there are no bushes and no rest stops and plenty of traffic. So by the time I got to Home Depot I was in need of another pee. However, it wasn't particularly bad so I grabbed one of those big warehouse style carts and began loading up with plywood, OSB, paint and tons of other stuff. Finally, as I was loading some cinder blocks onto my cart, the pee urge was unbearable and I felt a squirt go in my cut-off jeans shorts. I continued to load blocks and felt another, and bigger and longer squirt go. Then another and even bigger one. I simply could not control it anymore. Finally, I almost ran to the men's room about to explode, and just as I got there I finally lost all control and began pissing my pants outright. What a turn on. I managed to get to the urinal in time to finish up, but the "damage" to my well worn jeans shorts was more than obvious to anyone who didn't need a seeing-eye dog to get around. So, as you did, I went straight from the men's room to the checkout. No one seemed to particularly pay any attention to me - at least none that I saw. Of course I tried to ignore others as much as possible as though nothing was amiss. After checking out I went outside to my truck and loaded the stuff up, which took me the better part of 45 minutes. Because it was very hot and dry outside, my pants began to dry appreciably. I then had to go back inside and finish my shopping which took another hour at least, then load more stuff on the truck. Because of the hot, dry weather I downed another 2 or 3 sodas, and by the time I got into the truck to head home, I was ready to explode again. And with a large plastic bag underneath me in the seat, I did just that. I peed myself so much that there was not a dry spot left on my shorts anywhere. And watching the piss stream out of the button fly of the shorts as well as hearing the distinct hiss of the pee squirting against the inside of the jeans was such a turn on. Good times in the summer!

.... charlie-peepants

Re: Reminds me of my accident in Home Depot


2008-12-20 03:29 am (UTC)

Great story Charlie-peepants. I have been there done that. On purpose and not. Next time you have to go to the Home Depot, wear jeans. Not cut offs, but jeans. They take longer to dry. I dare you to soak them again. I know I will. I have some Christmas shopping left to do and I am feeling a public accident coming on soon. ;) Stay wet!

You are awesome!


2008-12-18 08:25 pm (UTC)

I found your blog maybe a month ago. I have loved peeing in my pants and just doing that sort of stuff for a while now. I am in my 20s. The other day me and my buddies were camping and me and one friend were hiking. I must have drank like 4 liters of water on the hike, because when we got back I was struggling already. So was my friend, though I have a bigger bladder. Then he challenged me to a pee holding contest. It was late so we went to bed. But before bed I always drink a medium sized bottle of water. So I went to bed. In the middle of the night (around 2 am) I heard a shout and the sound of water falling. My friend was standing by the side of his tent, struggling with his jeans zipper, and his jeans darkening with his pee. I started laughing in my tent but the pressure on my bladder was too large. I grabbed a thick towel and a huge bucket in case I woke up in the middle of a bathroom break like my friend. I woke up later about to lose control, so I grabbed myself and got on my knees. I couldn't get myself in the bucket to piss so I grabbed my towel with the other hand (I was wearing sweatpants at the time, by the way) and threw it down my pants and started peeing, in the meantime I tried to get to the bucket to finish my piss. I pulled my towel away, after barely peeing at all and started peeing my gray sweats! I ran outside and climbed the nearest tree and sat down with my legs on either side of a wide branch. I was convinced I could hold my pee until morning. I squeezed so hard I couldn't feel it coming. I didn't know I was going until the trunk started turning dark and wet. I jumped down and into my tent. I finished in my bucket and my towel...but that felt so good! I also peed my pants on the boat ride across the lake, while pretending to go over the side of the boat...It feels so good.

A very cool story. I really enjoyed the part where your friend could not get his jeans undone and totally soaked his jeans with pee. NICE! Too bad you did not have a camera. I would have loved to have seen that. I would have just pissed my jeans right there in front of him after I saw him loose it. I would have bet him that he would not wear those jeans for the rest of the camping trip and not wash them and only pee in them and no where else. That would mean he would have to wear wet jeans until they dried with his pee on them and then soak them again everytime he had to pee. NICE! I would have put money down on that one. ;) Thanks again for sharing. Sounds like you had a fun and WET weekend. Keep those boat rides wet, but not with water.

got me turned on


2008-12-28 01:41 am (UTC)

hey. luved th story. im sat in my pc chair , freeballing in my homemeade ripped jeans, and loving it. lol. hang on, i feel a sudden stiffness. is that a lump in my crotchall area. surely that little 3cm hole on the right hand side of my zipper is too small, spoke too soon, my cock just ripped it open, biggest boner i have ever had, and its spewing piss all over my light blue ripped jeans. it was reading this story that did that.

what make are those jeans

Great story. Love reading your blog, and seeing the pics of your wet jeans. I enjoy pissing my jeans, too....and having someone else put their cock in my fly and let loose. It's an amazing feeling....all that warmth.... I have never pissed my jeans in public like you have, so my hat is definitely off to you. Keep pissing and posting for all your fans! Here's hoping the new year brings lots more public pissing stories from you.

Thank you so much for the great comment. I love to hear GREAT comments like that. I have several more experiences to share of my public "accidents". I do hope to share them sometime soon. I hope you keep your pants wet in the meantime and I will post some more public pissing's soon. Thanks again for you your GREAT comments. Stay wet!

I absolutely loved this post. I do know that feeling (though not in public yet) when your heart is pounding and a sort of panic sets in. I am really sorry I was not there, I might have joined you and wet myself!

Thanks for the great comment. You should try a little in public. It is a huge rush! Yes, you know that feeling. It would have been cool if someone walked up to me that I did not know and just looked at my piss soaked jeans and then looked back at me and soaked their jeans too. That would be HOT! ;) Stay wet!

I love your stories and have peed my jeans frequently in public as well as in my truck and at home. In fact, as I have been sitting here reading all your stories I let a stream of warm piss soak my jeans (I hope they stay wet all day now!)

That is AWESOME! I love to hear from other people who enjoy pissing in their pants. Jeans especially. I would love to hear more from you and hear some stories of where all you have pissed in your pants. The public stories really excite me. I am glad you got your jeans all wet while reading. I love to do that as well. As a matter of fact I am soaking my jeans with piss as I type this. Ahhhhhhh. NICE! Stay wet!!

wet jeans


2009-01-14 04:45 pm (UTC)

Your pictures are great. I quite often go out in the evening when I need a good piss and then let it happen. I really enjoy the sensation of walking down the road and seeing other folks reactions to what I've done. It makes me feen incredibly horny and it's rare for me to last long before the feeling of my cock rubbing against the wet of my underpants makes me orgasm. After my next time I'll write immediately.

That is GREAT! I am always pleased to meet fellow pants pissers. Especially those that piss their pants in public some. That is AWESOME! Hat's off to you for being brave enough to do that. I hope you have many more wettings private and public and share them with us soon. Take care and stay WET!!

love the photots. Try to do more. I will try to. hay i can't find the video about you pissing yourself in front of your car. can you help?

Hey there. Thanks for all the great comments. The vid of me in front of my car is on xtube under my name on there wetjeanstn. It is the second to the newest vid if I am not mistaken. I hope that helps. Yes, you need to add some great stories and pics to your livejournal. I checked it out and there is nothing. You should get it all wet. ;) Thanks again for all the great comments. I hope to add some new stuff soon. Stay wet!

You are AWESOME!



2009-06-02 05:37 pm (UTC)

dude you are my hero and iam only 11 how old are you



2009-06-02 05:58 pm (UTC)

i posted the hero thing and i think you are the most awsum person i wish you were my dad or something

did your mom want to put you in diapers

At a Mall (Short Story)


2009-07-10 04:09 am (UTC)

Great Story! Ive done nearly the same. One time I went to the mall to buy stuff and I had to pee (not so bad) so I held it in. After we went to the food court thingy I drank a lot of pop (some mixed kind) and that made me had to pee really bad! When I was in the car I couldn't hold it so I let it out and there was a lot. So the piss can down when I was sitting and it went in some in my shoe but it did feel good. That wasn't the first time I pissed my pants but the first story I told.....

Thanks and Stay Wet! =P

Re: At a Mall (Short Story)


2009-07-25 03:12 am (UTC)

That was a GREAT story! You should share more. I always enjoy reading others stories of where they pissed their pants. I almost enjoy them more than my own experiences. I am glad to hear you soaked your pants. NICE!! I hope you stay wet as well and I look forward to hearing more stories from you soon.

Sounds slot like me at kmart


2009-12-31 01:30 am (UTC)

So I was at kmart and had to pee real bad. I saw a really crowded aerea where about 15 people were crowded to get some hot new item on sale. Then a lot of people start fighting over the last of somthing and the manger and some eymployees walk over. Perfect time to pee I thought and I never did it in public for a long time so I started. Then I had to crap real bad so I let that go too. I started cracking up and well I am doing it my pants start to leak out. Everyone looks at me and the manager makes me buy new pants and underwear and change in the bathroom. opened the flood gates

You rock dude! I have never peed my pants but i almost did in kindergarden.i was affraid to ask the teacher so i waited until i knew that i couldnt go much longer so i asked and she said yea.when i got to the toilet i went but that was close!

Very nice... I love to hear about guys, girls, anyone really, pissing their pants, deliberate or not. I'm a bisexual girl in Australia, 17 years of age (Legal for sex here). All last night I was reading your stories, and it gave me the ourage to try something more public than normal (I usually wet my jeans in the bathroom before I shower, just so I can feel the warm tingly sensations, and see the beautiful piss stain on my favourite jeans) Tonight at work, I needed to go, pretty bad. I knew in an hour or so it would be really really busy and I wouldn't be able to get out of the booth for anything. A cheeky grin spread across my face, and I decided to get a soda to drink. Two later, and half an hour, I was bursting. Business was picking up, and I was getting excited. I let a tiny bit of pee out, thinking it would relieve some of the agonisng pressure. It did, but it made me all tingly down there. I figured "Hey, it was just one little dribble, I can let a bit more out." So I did. And again. And again. The last time, however, I decided to let the dribble last a little longer. Bad mistake. I couldn't stem the flow, not even a little. I thought it had stopped, I was clenching my muscles so hard, I couldn't feel it running. But turns out, it wouldn't stop. I sytarted to panic, and the fear made it run faster. My insides of my legs were soaked, and the fronts were being wet too, by my frantic squirming. Once I got it under control, I asked my manager over the headset if I could take my break. She said I could, so I went to the staff bathroom, still leaking into my pants. I inspected the damage there. I was glad I'd worn the pants I had, they were made of a material that didn't show liquid well at all. I smiled in releif. I suddenly realised that I was far from finished peeing. I went back into the staff room and sat on a vinyl covered stool. There was a mop a little way down the hall, and I figured I could clean it easily. So I relaxed my bladder, and pee was fountaining over the little red stool, onto the tiles beneath. I peed for probably two minutes, through my pants and underwear. I was tingling down there, and wanted to play with myself, but I could put peeing myself down to an accident, unless I obviously got pleasure from it. When I thought I was done, I stood up. Turns out I wasn't. I was just numb from the tingles in my crotch to feel the pee flow. I walked calmly to the mop and bucket, still pissing freely, and started to clean up my mess. Once that was done with, I wrung my pants out enough to stop dripping, put them back on, and went back to work. The wet feeling on my crotch and ass, and all the way down my legs with the clingy black material was amazing. Now I'm finally home. I've drank two red bulls, and I should be desperate to pee again soon. I plan to wet my work pants again, so I can finally play with myself and get rid of this unbearable horny feeling. I want to piss my bed so badly, but I can't just wash it. Pity really. I'd love to re-wet my lovely, stained work pants while relaxing on my big comfortable bed.

If you're still pissing and posting, do me a huge favour and email me, I don't yet have an account and I would LOVE to see a response to this comment, and have many a conversation on the joys of wetting.
Don't laugh, it was pre-Twilight, and I was young. =P

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