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Welcome to my "I PEED MY PANTS" journal. This is my first official entry. I guess you have figured it out by now, but if not, I love to piss in my pants. I do it quite frequently. I am sitting here typing this with piss soaked jeans on. I will be posting stories about me wetting myself. I have always enjoyed having "accidents" ever since I can remember. I would not go to the bathroom on purpose as a small school child so I could pee in my pants. This continued until I was in Jr. High and I had to become a little bit secretive about it. I had to hide it. I hated that! I still had a couple of "accidents" in my jeans, though. Of course the other kids would laugh when I would do it, but I didn't care, I had peed my pants at school. When I started high school I could not have anymore of the accidental wettings. I had to hide them. I wore long shirts and would wear really dark or black jeans. I would only pee in my jeans a little, so no one else would know. Now, as an adult I am a little more open about it, but my friends do not know. I think a couple of them have figured it out, but they have never asked. If they did, I would be honest and tell them, but they never have. My dream is to find a man who also loves to pee in his pants and that we would live happily wet ever after. Unfortunately, I have not found anyone who lives even within 500 miles of here that fits that description. I am staying positive though. Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little introduction and I will be posting some great stories later.

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i love the wet pix i also like to wet my pants great feeling


it's kinda weird that u like peeing in ur pants but i do 2 & man do i have a story 2 tell u!!

one day i was at this party of drinking a LOT.I drink a lot when im at parties well i had 2 pee soooo bad & still drinking a lot & i felt l like letting my piss out so i asked where the bathroom was & they had no good was nasty well i had 2 pee soooo bad & i just decided 2 let it out well im goth anywayz so i wear all black & was like oh well & started felt so good 4 it 2 come out well anywayz im sitting here pissing like a whole river & i got done so i was like soaked...well none noticed or anything it felt so good 4 some reason in my peed in pants...LOL

then another time i had 2 go real bad but im lazy & didn't feel like getting up & i was in a hard little chair so i decided oh well & started peeing...noone was here so i sat in my pee 4 a while then i had 2 go again about after 3 hours & peed my pants again by this time my pants were soaked...

last one i had 2 pee so bad in class well i was already leaking a little well all of a sudden a lot started coming out & i just couldn't hold it no more like i said im goth anywayz so wearing black pant u couldn't see it well it just came out more & more...soon a puddle was around my chairso it was sorta noticable but not relle...well noone knew or anything...

btw i like the hallaween one it was a smart idea!!

DAMN! That was hot! I kinda like the goth/emo thing. Tell me more. HOT! I want to hear more. I love to piss my pants and I want to hear more of you pissing yours! HOT!

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im totally bout 2 let go right now..
im about 2 pee!!
ha ha love the stories!!

man im 13 and im not gay(no offens!!!) and im a girl and i love to pee in my pants!!!!man someday i want to be as brave as u to walk into a store and oee or with pissed in pants!!! i cant even tell my bff!!!o well, ill keep my pants, and skirts wet, and i know wat u mean, peeing makes me want to have sex but that jus might be horons!!lol, well ur kool, add me as ur friend!!!


how did you first piss your pants and why?

I was young and had to pee really bad. I could not hold it and I let it go in my jeans. I really liked the feeling of letting it go in my jeans. It really felt good. The release of pee and the feeling of warm piss filling my jeans. Yes, I had to hide it for many years, but I kept on doing it through Jr. High and High School. I just felt to good to hold it until I was about to burst and let it go in my jeans. I just could not resist. I have become more open about it with friends and they understand my likes, but still do not understand at the same time. I just tell them they will not understand until they try it and they may not understand then. It really turns me on to totally piss myself.

i am 13 years old and really love the feeling of pissing my jeans, but its really hard to get them dry quickly. how can i do that??? when im home alone i piss my jeans all the time and poop in them too sometimes but neeed to know how to clean it up FAST!

Hello there. Well, if you like that as I do then you must come up with ways to clean up fast. I used to pee in my pants in the bathroom and then get in the shower or bath with my jeans on. I would wash them out while in there. I would then put them in the dryer and it was all cleaned up. I was never into the poop thing. I have no real advice about that. The only other way to dry them quickly is to throw them in the dryer after peeing in them. They will smell strong of pee though when you pull them out. I suggest washing them first or bathing in them and cleaning them and then putting them in the dryer. Good luck with things.

omg, im so turned onby pissing myself but im not gay or straight, im trying to decide, waht should i be?

Well, I can not tell you what to be. Do you like women? Do you like men? Do you like both? I know for me, I like men. I tried both, but learned quickly that men are for me. Do what you feel. I also, as you know, love pissing in my pants. I am glad to hear of a new wet friend. Just be yourself. Like who you like and do what you like to do. Don't let the "Norms" of society get you down or make your choice for you. Just be you.


LOL, that has to be the best compliment I have ever gotten. Thank you so much. I am glad I can be of such a great service. ;) Yes, I will continue to write and so forth. I am accutually going to be meeting a wet friend of mine here in a couple of months for some public wettings out of state in a strange city. I am sure there will be some fun events to rock your clock. I will keep you posted.

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Aha, so too it seemed to me.

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