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Vacation Accidents
Well, it has been awhile since I have posted here last. I have been very busy with the end of semester exams and I took a little vacation right after Thanksgiving to relax and enjoy the warmer than usual weather. I had some fun though. On a hike up the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia where I was staying in a cabin for a few days I had some fun. I was on a mountain hike and was alone and had not seen anyone all day. It was a weekday and most people were working. I was the only on the trail. It was a warm day and the day time temps were close to 70 which is rare for November. I was taking full advantage of it. I had on some jeans and a t-shirt, while carrying my jacket. I was loving it. After hiking for a few hours, I really had to pee. So I decided that I would piss my jeans and continue my hike in my pissed in jeans. I sat down on a rock near the river and just let it go in my jeans. It was so hot and relaxing. It felt so good letting that warm piss fill up my jeans and soak them through. I was in wet jeans heaven. After sitting there for awhile and enjoying the view and my newly wet jeans, I decided I had better hit the trail again. I had hiked for about 30 minutes when I heard voices. It was group of young men hiking. I knew they would see my wet pants and wonder what happened. I was thinking quick on what to do or say. I had thought about hiding in the bushes, but I thought that would look weird if they spotted me. So I decided just to face them up front. I kept hiking and within a minute they were in sight. I saw them looking at me and looking at my wet pants. As we got close to each other, one of them spoke to me and asked me how I was doing. I told them I was good. I said nothing of my wet pants. One of the guys when they were next to me asked why my pants were wet. I told him that I was too busy hiking and pissed my pants. The guys just kinda chuckled and looked at each other. I noticed one of the guys staring at my crotch very intensely. I also observed that he seemed to be carrying a very hard penis. I could tell that he was turned on by what he saw. I wanted to talk to him and encourage him to piss his pants, but I thought that would be weird with everyone next to him. We chatted for a few minutes, while they all kinda looked at my wet jeans. I was completely turned on by it. I was loving it as a matter of fact. They did not know me and would never see me again probably, so I was living it up. When questioned again about my wet pants, I told them that I forget to go sometimes and hold it too long and end up pissing my pants. It just happens sometimes and that I don't mind it. Most of them were kinda turned off by it, but I could tell the silent guy with the hard on, really liked it and he was wishing he could piss his pants too. We said our goodbyes and I continued on my hike. I pissed my pants one more time while out there hiking, but I did not pass or see anyone else. I was hoping to run into that guy again, but I did not. I had a great relaxing and wet trip.

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Great accident. I wish that I dared but mostly I dom't have the guts
wet max

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Joe. I loved it too. It was a great wet afternoon. Nothing better than hiking around in nature with wet jeans on. HOT!

What types of jeans do you recommend? What are your favorite jeans?

Most of my jeans are Abercrombie and Fitch. I recommend them. That is about all I wear and so forth. The jeans in the pics and the story are the same ones of course and they are Abercrombie. They are very thick denim which soak up the pee perfectly. HOT! Thanks for the comment.


i know i want to piss my pants i allways want to but i cant i post the coments saying your my hero


im a dude and i love to piss my pants. i was driving to walmart and stopped at the gas station on my way. i totally had to piss and i just let it go and i got a few odd looks at walmart but i finished off my piss in the yogurt isle.

The fact that you are a dude and did this only excites me more. So fucking HOT!! NICE! The fact that you did it in public, even HOTTER!! DAMN MAN!! You are right down my alley. ;-) You have anymore hot tales to share? I love them. Where are you located? Ever piss with another man?

A Hiking Pee Story

Speaking of "vacation pee" and taking a whizz in your pants while hiking, I had the following experience about 3 years ago.

I was hiking in Arches National Park (UT) on a typically hot summer day in mid July. I was wearing only my blue nylon shorts and some sturdy hiking sandals. I had drunk quite a bit of water and sports drink to stay hydrated in the near 100° heat, and carried a canteen with another quart of water when I set out on my walk of about 1½ miles up to Delicate Arch. Being the most popular destination in the park, the trail is lined with people much of the way. I got up to the arch and stayed for probably 1½ hours photographing it, walking around and under it and just enjoying the place. I had pretty well drained my canteen dry by the time I headed back down the trail to the parking lot. About half way down, the need for a pee was becoming pretty evident, but I did not want to hurry as there was so much scenery to see and photograph along the way. Due to the barren desert environment, there is absolutely no such thing as finding a tree or even a scrubby bush to hide behind for relief and the nearly constant stream of people does not allow enough time to safely “take care of business” between meeting one person and the next. But the need was growing ever more urgent. Finally I managed to find a little, shallow wash that I ventured off into in search of “a place.” No luck, since I could still plainly see people passing by on the trail no matter where I went. So finally after I was about 50 yards off the trail down in the wash, I just stood with my back to the trail and peed my shorts full force as I looked out on the magnificent vistas. I must have peed for nearly a full minute with pee running down both legs and dripping off from my lightweight nylon shorts. The event clearly left “evidence” all over the front of my shorts, but I did feel considerably better. I slowly wandered back up to the trail, and continued my walk back down to the parking lot. Amazingly to me, no one seemed to pay much attention to me as I walked and continued meeting another person or group of people every couple of minutes or so. In the dry heat and sun, my shorts were mostly dry within 5 or 10 minutes.

Since then I have taken advantage of the quick drying nylon shorts numerous times. Sometimes when I’m driving while wearing them I just pee in them if I can’t find a rest stop in reasonable time. Since I almost always drive with the windows wide open the warm, dry desert air blowing through the car dries them out in a few minutes.
My favorite nylon shorts now are the AussieBum “Footy” shorts that I ordered directly from the maker in Sidney, Australia. They are great peeing shorts as well as being very comfortable and fun to wear. Unfortunately AussieBum has recently discontinued the “Footy” line of shorts and I don’t like their other shorts nearly as well, but I have a pretty good supply Footy shorts for now.


Re: A Hiking Pee Story

That is a GREAT story!! Thanks for sharing. You do not know how many times I have been out hiking the mountains of the Applachian chain and I have pissed my pants and kept on hiking. Yes, mine are usually jeans, but I still will soak them with my piss and continue on my way. I love the looks I get sometimes. LOL I sometimes tell them a bear jumped out and scared the piss out of me. Some, I just say, yes I pissed my pants, and leeave it a that. Others, well, I just let them wonder. GREAT story though. Thanks for sharing and please share again of your piss pants fun. ;-)


Hey man! You are everywhere! I love it!!!! My favorite pisser anywhere! Great story!!

love the stories

Gotta tell you, the stories are exceptional!! Whether true or not, they get me hard and make me want to pee. Since I have read your stories for the first time 2 weeks ago, I have peed in my pants 2 times. It was awesome to go outside in the back yard and pee with out pulling it out. Love it.

Next, the pictures of you in your wet dreams is more exciting than gay porn. You are super sexy and I love the wet crotch. Makes me very hard and I want to drop to my knees in front of you. My favorite pic is the one in red shirt with you holding your wet crotch. The caption reads "I did it again", your crotch is beautiful. My favorite jeans of all time are Levis and you soak the ass of them well. Keep it up and wet and keep the pics coming.

wet on park bench

this morning after shopping i wet my panties on purpose walking home it made me feel so horny no one noticed because i wore my long plastic mac,going out to do the same again tonight,still wet,not changing till later wetpants again while writing this.

Re: wet on park bench

Ialso like to wear a long waterproof coat so pee peeing your self is private thing Ihave been wetting all summer I some times just sit in the park on a secluded seating area pretending to read a news paper and just pee my pants I like to see my pee running down the inside of my coat on to the ground such a nice feeling, just wet my pants thinking about it,

Hey, you should check out the new aussiebum rugby shorts, especially the white ones - there almost as good as the footy ones. I have a pair of the white footy that are really thin now and love pissing in them because i see my bulging cock through the material and then have to jack off forcing the cum through the material.

wet pants

im 19, i had just finished work, i had had to pee all day but wee were really busy, but when i left there was a que. so i ledt work about 10 mins later was absolutly busting for a wee so i pulled into a buss stop got out and just pee'd, absolutly drenched (about 10pm) . i didnt want to get my car wet so i pulled my pants down , all passing cars saw my willy, and then i drove home naked lol

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