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Wet Jeans in Downtown
I have been really busy lately and not had the chance to piss my jeans very often, but here is a story of what happened this past weekend. I went downtown Saturday night to meet some friends for dinner and some drinks. I had several glasses of water with my meal and then had about four mixed drinks. By about 11:00 I had to pee really bad. I decided to hold it as long as I could. I was beginning to think that I was going to have an accident right there in the restaurant I had to go so bad. About an hour later I knew I could not hold it much longer and let a little piss out into my jeans. It was not a lot, but enough to make a golf ball size wet spot on my jeans. I stayed for about another hour while I continued to hold my pee in desperation. I then decided I could not hold it anymore and decided to say my goodbyes and I left. I had to walk quite a distance to my car because we where in downtown and there is not a lot of parking. I was walking when with the combination of the cold air and all the drinks I had, I could not hold it any longer. I stopped at a park bench and sat down and let it all go. I totally flooded my jeans! It felt so good and warm. There was even steam coming up from my jeans in the cold air. It was so great. There was a huge puddle underneath the bench with a river of piss flowing away from it and down the sidewalk. A couple of people passed by on the other side of the street while I was sitting there peeing in my jeans. A few cars drove by and also witnessed the accident. After I finished I stood up and continued my long walk to my car. I passed by a lot of people going to the car and I got a lot of strange looks and several comments after I had passed. It was great. I got to my car and started the drive towards home when I decided I would stop at a gas station and get a bottle of water. I went in with my piss soaked jeans on. It was very obvious what I had done. My crotch was completely soaked down to about 3 inches above my knee's and my ass was soaked too. The people in the gas station where giving several strange looks and the lady ringing up my water asked if I had an accident. I told her that I had been out with friends and did not make it the bathroom on time and had to go home. She just looked at me and gave a funny smile. I then drove home and wore my piss soaked jeans around the house until I went to bed. Well, I hope you like it and I hope to update soon.

"There was even steam coming up from my jeans in the cold air"

Keep wrinting, I always like reading your stories.


Pissing myself

Great fucking story. I'm sitting here having just pissed my pants. It sure feels good. I love pissing in my fucking pants and do it a lot--every fucking chance I get. I'm a fucking piss slut.

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hot story! hope u can piss ur pants more over the holidays coming up! drop me an email sometime so we can catch up!

did you see soxandundyguy posted a new story? I really do enjoy reading them!!


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This is awesome! Just recently got an LJ account and started posting, but I'll have a ways to go to catch up to you. Love the stories...keep writing.


Re: Gr8 Story

I don't have an account I'll just send this way... found this page by accident LOL love it...been reading for about 10 min
Woops.... I love how when you first pee in your pants if feels so nice and warm. then starts to feel real tickely ad gets cold. At work I wear a long skirt. so no one knows..have to go into bathroom and pee my undies then put back on skirt a real pain, except its what I gotta do,to keep my job...(had a review meeting in my bosses office yesterday, my underpanties were bursting at the seems with peepee. I know he must have smelled the Pee, but didn't mention anything All day I just look so forward to getting home where at home, I just pee in my pants all day, feels so good. Been thinking of getting some diapers for work...any suggestions on brands.. I am pretty small about 110 pounds, so think I can fit into the child size Good Nights, don;t think I want the adult kind as they will probably be big and baggy. Looking for a a nice small tight diaper,leakproof, but doesn't absorb so well that it takes away from the experience. Also any one know of a good diaper cream. with all our hort weather, I am getting a diaper rash.

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Hey I'm new here

I've recently joined and wanted to introduce myself :)

Welcome! So do you enjoy pissing your pants? Just curious. I would like to hear more about you. I guess you have learned a lot about me from reading my blogs, so tell me more about you.

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I started peeing myself about 2 years ago and love the feeling of just relaxing and letting it go in the tightest jeans I can wiggle into. I simply love the excitement of doing it in public. Walking across a parking lot or in a mall or getting gas. i wanted to share my latest turn on peeing myself. I drink as much water as I can while laying out by the pool, holding it until I am going to burst. I get in the pool to cool off and wait a bit. When I can't stand it any longer I walk up the stairs out of the pool and while I am soaking wet and water dripping off of me everywhere I simply let it go. It is so erotic. Drives me crazy to just let it go like that in front of so many people and none of them know what I am doing with all thet water dripping off of me.

Re: Pool Fun

i think that is so hot i got hard just reading it


I thought that I was the only one who loved pissing himself! What a great story! I love to wear my sweats around the house on the weekends and while I am sitting outside drinking my coffee, just pissing and enjoying the great feeling it provides. Sometimes, I even top off my coffee cup with piss.

Hello.. Let's get acquainted...

My name is Jessika!


I read your blog a lot...but I never thought about actually peeing my jeans, but I have a story for you...It was a few days ago, and I was in my apartment (which I share with my two best friends) and they were both in the two bathrooms we have in the apartment and I really had to pee...pure agony. And when I was finally at my bursting point I tried to make a mad dash for the door so maybe I could use a neighbor's bathroom but by the time I got there I couldn't take it any longer and I let loose. Boy, did that feel good! I am taking a liking to holding my piss and then when I am totally exploding I go into the bathroom and use my jeans...haha.

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I too love pissing in my pants in public!

Love your hot fucking stories. I too love pissing in my pants and just did it the other day, even though the weather is cold out. But I don't give a fuck what the weather is like--I love pissing in my pants no matter what. Love it when other guys notice my wet pants. What a fucking turn-on. I started pissing in my pants when I was a fucking teenager and have been doing it ever since. Fuck, I'm wet right now as I type this. Feels fucking great. Stay wet dude, like I always try and do.

Re: I too love pissing in my pants in public!

Thanks for the GREAT comments! I am glad to meet another wet pants friend. I too love to piss in my jeans, as you have read. Keep reading. I am sure there will be many more wettings in 2009. Stay wet!


This is kinda weird.. didnt know there were people who enjoyed pissing their pants.. Learn something new everyday!



peeing in my pants

The other night I went out to dinner and had several cocktails. I should have peed before I left, but I like that full bladder feeling, so thought I would wait awhile. I had to run by the grocery store, and I should have peed there, but was in a hurry to get to my girlfriend's house. By the time I got out in the parking lot, little squirts of pee were coming out of me and my nice jeans were getting wetter and wetter. I almost squatted down in the grocery store parking lot, but was afraid I would get arrested! Anyway, I got in my car, I knew I had to go home at this point, because my girlfriend has no idea that I practice this fetish. I simply could not hold it once I got in the car, and more and more pee was gushing out of me. At one point, I was virtually sitting in a puddle of pee in the car seat! It felt really hot and good, but I was still trying to hold back as much as i could. When I got home, I jumped out of the car and just stood in the driveway and let it go. I love that feeling of finally giving in and letting go, it's like a pee orgasm! My pants were totally soaked, it was all running down my ankles and in my shoes! Anyway, I went inside, showered and put on clean clothes and went over to my girlfriend's house. I told her why I was late, because I peed all over myself and she seemed surprised, but started prancing around in sexy little outfits, then came over to me, tore my clothes off and ate my pussy! I hope I can talk her into doing this with me some day, maybe peeing on each other at the same time. This might have opened up a whole new avenue of sexual possibility!

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I'm 15 and peeing in my pants right now. I'm on my bed so it's making a huge stain but I can't get enough of feeling the warmth all down my legs.


i loved that story was the laddy laughing

Wwetting my pants

I like your story. I've been peeing my pants a lot this week. I come form work and have to go reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal bad. I walk around my house holding myself and it pours out into my pants. My undies are more soaked than my work pants.
I just hope the person at the laundromat doesn't notice my pee stained undies.
Driving home from work I sometimes hold myself so I don't have an accident in my car.

I Did Dat Too One Time Only A Little Came Out It Felt So Good But Wen It Did Happen I Was At The Movies I Dident Wait I Let It All Out!my Friends Saw And Did The Same Thing

that sounds so fun. I've never peed my pants in public, but i pee my pants at home sometimes. i actually peed my pants in bed last night before i went to sleep because i was too lazy to go to the damn bathroom. sometimes i wake up and gotta pee i just go. i love peeing my pants because of the warm rush of piss around my crotch, then wheb it cools down snd your pants are wet, how "naughty" it feels, the smell. and the sight of your pants and whatever you were sitting on soaked.

Thanks for the comment! It is always nice to meet another piss pants fan! Thanks and stay wet!

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sometimes when i hang out with my friends and play video games and dont want to stop, i let it go my friends laugh at me but there is no better feeling

That is awesome man!! I sometimes do the same. I think my friends know I enjoy it, but I don't care. It just feels so good to just let it go and soak my jeans. Thanks for sharing!! ;)

ohh i'am at bed i'm holding my pee and sleeping ön my stomach to make more presurre.i love to hold my pee for hours and then make it in bed.

Started Pissing In My Pants As A Teen In School

In Junior High I use to be known as “that kid that still wets his pants.” This came about because one time during class I got the urge to go the rest room and asked the teacher if I do just that. She told me that class would soon be over with and I’d just have to wait. Being the rebellious type, I wasn’t about to wait so I went ahead and pissed in my pants right there in class. It felt good and I got a real charge out of it. I’ve always had a piss fetish which started when I was a teen. This was hardly the first time I had pissed myself in public but the first time in school. After class was finished and I was walking out, one of the other guys from the class spots me and asks me--with a big grin on his face--why I had never bothered learning potty training! He then pointed me out to other guys around him and they started laughing. Obviously all this was meant to embarrass the hell out of me but it made me just that much more turned on! And then some months later, we were on a bus on a school field trip and I overheard some kids sitting near me say how it sure smelled like piss on the bus. Another kid pointed to me and said it must be me that was stinking up the bus. What got me was that not only was I totally dry that day but had not pissed in my pants since that time in class earlier. I tried to speak up and tell them I was innocent but of course they wouldn't believe me. "Don't lie," I remember one kid telling me. "We all know how you like peeing in your fucking pants!" It seemed like I was never going to live down my reputation as the kid who still wets his pants!

Re: Started Pissing In My Pants As A Teen In School

WOW!! That is a GREAT story!! I love it!! It was very exciting. I would love to chat with you more. I am on yahoo under wetjeanstn. Send me a message. I would love to hear more of your adventures, etc.


i can totaly relate to you!that happened when i was in the middle of a race on my horse!it was a race at home on our training track against the best horse rider in the neighbor hood.we each bet 550 dollars and in the middle of the first race im like.crap i have to piss.i still had 9 laps to go!im like i can ride a bull but cant hold it!on fricken accident i pissed like was funny

WOW!! What a great story!! I love it! Too bad I was not there to see the 'wet' horse race. LOL I love it!! It makes me want to go horse riding with a full bladder. ;-)

toilet with pants on

29-1-10 i got on the toilet and left my pants on. am i silly?

Neat story

Since I was a teenager I have always enjoyed peeing in my my pants. I love the sensuous feeling of the warm urine on my skin. I oly piss my pants at home because I live in a small enough center that I can't go down town without meeting someone I know and none of my friends know that I am a "Closet wetter."

I admire your for having the courage and the self esteem to be able to pee your pants in public. I usually wear sweat pants at home, but sometimes jeans. Sometimes at home I hold my urine until I lose control and just let it all go in my pants. And then I keep on pissing in my pants all day and wear my wet pants around the house and yard until it is time to go to bed.

I also enjoy peeing in my bed now and then. Sometimes if I waken during the night and need to piss I just do it in my bed instead of getting up to go to the bathroom. Again I like the warm sensuous feeling. I haven't involuntarily wet my bed during sleep since I was about 5 years old.

My mattress is covered with plastic so all I have to wash and dry is my sheets and I don't ruin the mattress

Keep on wetting your pants and enjoy

WOW!! Great story!! Sounds like you enjoy pissing in your pants almost as much as I do. To be honest the town where I piss my pants is several towns over from mine. I usually go a several miles outside of my own town to another to piss my pants in public. That way I don't get caught. Try that sometime. Such a rush!! Stay wet, keep soaking those pants and bed. Very cool. ;-)

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Wet pants

Like man, what a fascinating and stimulating story. Thanks for sharing it. I pissed my pants as I was reding it and looked at the pictures of you in your wet jeans.

I am a 30 year old male. Here is my story. One time when I was about 15 years old, I tried to hold it in too long and had an accident and wet my jeans. After the initial embarassment had subsided, I realized that it had really felt good while it was happening.

After that, I started willfully pissing in my pants on purpose whenever the opportunity to do so arose .and have come to love it. Some times I wear a diaper and rubber pants under my jeans when I dicide to piss my muself, but more often than not, I don't bother with them. I've never kept track, but I must have pissed my pants several hundred times in the last 15 years and the nice warm feeling just gets to be more awesome and enjoyable every time I do it.

Very cool!! I am glad you shared your own pissing story. I enjoy that. Sounds like you enjoy it very much as I do. I always just piss my jeans. I like to let it soak in, wet my skin and denim, and show my wetness to everyone around. I love that! Turns me on so much. If you want to chat, just let me know. Always looking for new wet friends. Stay wet and keep those pants soaked with piss. ;-)

Re" your story, "I peed in my pants."

Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you enjoyed pissing in your jeans in the street (and I can understand that,) or was that just a one-time episode of loss of bladder control after a night out on the town with your friends and too much water and booze? I suspect the former as you said that it felt good and that when you got home, you wore your wet jeans until bed-time.

Do you refrain from going to the washroom when out in public just so that you will sooner or later piss your pants, or is there some sort o psychological hang-up which makes you avoid going to the washroom in a restaurant or bar to relieve yourself?

Bottom line in all of this is in my opinion: "If it feels good; do it!" If you enjoy the torture of an over-full bladder and then pissing your jeans in public and the attention which it gets you, do it as often as you like and stay happy (and wet!)

Re: Re" your story, "I peed in my pants."

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I enjoy holding it until I piss in my pants. I also enjoy the feeling of letting it go and soaking my jeans with piss. I do enjoy on rare ocassions, holding it in public until I totally soak my pants for all to see. I also just enjoy pissing my pants at home and wearing them until the dry and wetting them again. Yes, it does feel good. It excites me also. I agree, if it feels good, I like it, I want to do it, then do it. I am glad you understand that and are acceptable of that. Good to hear. I assume by your questions and so forth that you do not do this. Very cool as well. Just you are the first I would have ever met that did not like this, but did not have a problem with it. Very cool indeed. Nice to know those type are out there. You would be my best friend if like I described. Though you would have to put up with my pissing my pants all the time. LOL Thanks again for the comment. Much appreciated. Take care and I hope to stay very wet!


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